Congratulations FIXshorts Filmmakers!


Our five FIXshorts filmmakers have all successfully funded their projects and are moving on to the production phase of their new short films!

As we pass this first milestone of an exciting new program, we’re thrilled to bring you even more inside info (from the filmmakers themselves) on their projects and process, which range from documentary to experimental and everything in between:

Filmwax Radio‘s Adam Schartoff also interviewed all five FIXshorts filmmakers (a feat, considering they live everywhere and are traveling all the time). It’s an exciting snapshot of five amazing talents and a great listen!

We’ll be sure to keep the updates and news coming as the films approach their premieres in our library. We’d like to extend a huge thanks to all who contributed to these campaigns and helped spread the word— we couldn’t have done it without your support. This triumph belongs to you, too! If you weren’t able to contribute, there’s still a chance to help before funding officially closes on Friday evening — every bit counts.

Most of all, we want to extend our congratulations to Lori, David, Maya, Ben and Monihan! We look forward to seeing more from you as you begin production!

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