A New Initiative, Fresh Films and More (In Case You Missed It)


Where we collect the best of the week in Fandor news and new movies in one handy rundown. 

It’s been another action-packed week here at Fandor, with all of our initiatives doing exciting things and great new films making their debut in our library. Let’s take a closer look at all the news that’s fit to print this week:

FandorEDUWe introduced Fandor edu, a brand new program that builds on the educational support Fandor already provides in and out of the classroom. As part of this initiative we are offering a fifty percent discount to students, professors and schools. Upcoming features of the program will include bulk subscriptions, a student film showcase, case studies, interviews and more. Check out our Fandor edu page to redeem your discount!

RiverRun International FIlm Festival

In Fandor | Festival Alliance news, RiverRun International Film Festival is in full swing, filling beautiful Winston-Salem, North Carolina with truly original independent film served with a heaping side of southern hospitality. Check out the festival page for all the news as it happens and no less than forty-five films from the past decade or so of the festival.

The Fandor FIX initiativeSpeaking of festivals, this week’s FIX feature highlights filmmakers with new projects at the San Francisco International Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival and Tribeca. We also have Elza Kephart’s Go in the Wilderness (the image at the top of this article) which is screening at the Sarasota Film Festival.

STOP MAKING SENSE dir Jonathan Demme on Fandor

Our Featured Release came in the form of front row seats to the Talking Heads, and we unveiled Criterion Picks about monogamy and its discontents.

Love and Marriage Criterion Picks

All in all we added twenty-eight new films to the library this week, including:

  • An American Documentary from 1971 that asks sex industry insiders and “civilians” alike, “What is pornography and what is obscene?”
  • A Mexican Western that marks the debut of both director George Templeton and actor John Barrymore, Jr.
  • And two compelling shorts by Mark Pellington (who did Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” video, among many others) that blur the lines between performance, music, documentation, audience and subject

There’s more than enough to fill your weekend with viewing pleasure, but if you need something a little different, try our Recently Added Films page to explore our newest cinematic offerings. Happy viewing, and we’ll be back next week with another weekly roundup!


2 thoughts on “A New Initiative, Fresh Films and More (In Case You Missed It)

  1. The picture at the top of the page looks like an awesome movie, and yet I dont see a movie anywhere that looks like it. Does the picture at the top of the page actually go with a movie on this site? If so, please link to it!

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