Calling All Student Filmmakers!

Student Films Submission Calll

Submit your student-made movies for a chance to be featured in the Fandor library.

The Fandor edu Student Films Showcase is a natural extension of our commitment to film education. After all, we’ve long been championing excellent student films like these. Now, we’re putting student work into a hand-picked collection that will live on the Fandor edu page. And we want to hear from all of the past and current students out there! Whether it’s a thesis film or a class assignment you are particularly proud of, it could have a home in our library, connecting you with an audience of engaged and enthusiastic film lovers. What have you got to lose?

Fandor edu Student Films Showcase

To submit your film for our consideration, just fill out the form at the bottom of this post, click here to open the link in a new window or contact us via email. It is totally free to submit, and any works made while affiliated with an institution are eligible, provided that the licensing and rights are all in order. Current students will gain valuable experiencing licensing and delivering their work for SVOD distribution, and former students get a chance to highlight the films that started their careers.

The student film submission process is rolling and student films submitted to our site will be held to the same curation standards as all other titles in our library. Once films are selected for Fandor’s library, they will be featured in the Fandor edu Student Films Showcase. We’ll highlight the new films as they are added here on the Fandorian. We will also have lots of new updates and exciting resources to share in the coming weeks, so be sure watch this space! In the meantime, we can’t wait to see your amazing work. 


2 thoughts on “Calling All Student Filmmakers!

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