In Case You Missed It: A Student Film Call, Newly Added Cult Movies, Amazing Docs and More


Fandor’s freshest films and most exciting news of the week, collected in one handy guide. 

Here at Fandor, April has been showering us with cinematic delights! In case you missed it, here’s what’s happening in our film world this week:

Submissions are now open for our Fandor edu Student Films Showcase,  and any and allStudent Films Submission Calll current and former students are welcome to submit their films — for free — for a chance
to be a part of the Fandor library. We’ll be reviewing and adding films on a rolling basis, so if you still need to finish your thesis, never fear. We can’t wait to see what you send us!

32050.originalIn Fandor | Festival Alliance news, the Independent Film Festival Boston is in full swing — its twelfth year of bringing fantastic indie cinema to Beantown — and Fandor’s VIdeo Essayists Kevin B. Lee and Nelson Carvajal are representing us at a panel today on (you guessed it) video essays!  If you’re not in New England this week, you can get festival updates and watch thirty-six films from the festival’s founding year to today, with offerings from everyone from Hal Hartley to Nathan Silver.


We honored Earth Day on April 22 with a Down to Earth Spotlight: fifteen films featuring nature’s majesty and precariousness, including the fascinating Earth Liberation Front feature If A Tree Falls pictured at the top of this article. Watch, and rediscover the sublime power of this planet we call home.

We also challenged our Fandorians to pick their favorites from matched pairs of remade films in a Criterion Picks comparing and contrasting different versions of excellent material. Do you have favorites among this week’s collection? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment or tweet to us @Fandor to let us know why you take Renoir over Kurosawa, or sound over silent. We’ll be publishing our favorite opinions (on both sides of the issue) here on the Fandorian very soon.

In total, there were thirty films of all kinds added to the Fandor library this week! If the approach of International Worker’s Day is on your mind, you won’t want to miss this political documentary about the intensity and perseverance of the worker’s resistance movement that swept through Wisconsin in 2011. Or, use the weekend to “travel” to a remote religious community in rural New Zealand, where filmmakers were given unprecedented access to create an intimate portrait of a fiercely unique society. If off-kilter cult cinema is more your speed, we added a twisted and campy look into dysfunctional suburban depravity and the Desperate Teenage Lovedolls sequel featuring cameos by members of the Bangles and the Dead Kennedys. We even added a 4/20 friendly film featuring animations from Arne Jin An Wong, who happens to be the father of Fandor Data Integrity Specialist Jasmyn Wong.

We’ll have many more films and a lot more news to share next week! Happy viewing, and we’ll let Charlie Chaplin “dance” you into the weekend:





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