Cinema Italiano, Psychedelic Americana, Haitian Art and More (In Case You Missed It)


The week’s “greatest hits” and some news and films you may have missed, collected in one handy guide. 

Happy May Day to one and all! In typical Fandor form, almost thirty titles hit the library this week, as well as spooky festival news, a heartthrob-centric edition of Criterion Picks and tons of wild and wonderful experiments and exercises in cinema. Here’s the latest:


We released seven films, varying in length from a cool minute to almost an hour, from Academy-Award-nominated avant-garde documentarian Joshua Oppenheimeras well as Becoming Anita Ekberga recent short by our favorite video essayist, Mark Rappaport. For more on Rappaport’s mastery of form, check out Kevin B. Lee’s video essay and accompanying text on Keyframe:

That’s right, it’s a video essay about a video essayist. What can we say? We like to get meta with our movies.

The Stanley Film Festival on Fandor

Yesterday our horror-centric Fandor | Festival Alliance partner the Stanley Film Festival kicked off in Denver’s (purportedly) haunted Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for a certain iconic Stephen King novel and film adaptation. Get updates on events, screenings and ghost sightings and give yourself goosebumps with spine-tinglers from previous incarnations of the fest…if you dare.

Criterion Picks: Marcello Mastroianni

Not a horror fan? No problem. Add some classic Mediterranean flair to your life with a group of Criterion Picks that traces the career of legendary actor Marcello Mastroianni. Mastroianni came to epitomize Italian masculinity in films by Fellini, Antonioni and other celebrated directors. Among the films included is The Organizer (pictured at the top of this article), which would make for perfect International Workers’ Day watching. In general, these films pair well with wine, olive oil and fellow cinephiles. Molto bene!

We also added The Art of Haiti, a documentary short on Haiti’s glorious and singular painting traditions, shot decades before the 2010 earthquake devastated the impoverished but richly individualistic country; The Globalisation Tapesan Indonesian political documentary on the global rights of workers that makes for more great May Day-inspired viewing; a brutal, Bechdel-Test-approved Samaritan Girl, a South Korean coming of age drama that won the Silver Bear at the 2004 Berlinale; and Freeload, a “year in the life” profile of the train-hoppers who make their way across the United States as modern hoboes.

As always, all of the newest Fandor offerings are browsable on our Recently Added Films page, which also helpfully lists which films are available in high definition. Happy viewing, and we’ll be back with another rundown next Friday!

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