Crime Serials, Cult Favorites, Orson Welles and More!

In Case You Missed It

In case you missed it, the freshest of Fandor films and news are here, collected into one handy guide. 

It’s been a quite the week in movies here at Fandor! Here are the highlights:

Want to binge-watch some high-quality classic crime drama? Check out the action-packed classic La Maison du mystèreWe’ve got all ten episodes collected together for your viewing pleasure. Want something with a little more…splatter? Beloved cult horror flick House of Seven Corpses is the film for you, or, for even more extreme entertainment, try The House On Straw Hill, a British “video nasty” renowned for its censorship-inspiring perversion. If you’d prefer lighter fare, give buddy comedy/road trip film Sake-Bomb, which packs equal parts hilarity and heart, a whirl. Or try Loveholic, a South Korean romantic drama about the messiness of romantic entanglements and the mercurial matters of the heart. All in all, we added thirty-two films to the library this week, and there’s a little something for everyone.

But that’s not all the news that’s fit to print! Lest we forget, we have to wish a very happy belated birthday to Mr. Orson Welles! The iconic cinema giant celebrated his centennial this week, and to mark the occasion our video essayist Kevin B. Lee collaborated with film critic and Welles scholar Jonathan Rosenbaum to craft one great tribute:

Keep the party going with Orson Welles’ travelogue series Around the World, a brand new gem in our library that finds the legendary raconteur leading tours around six beautiful European destinations. Through his deft cinematic eye and tremendously enjoyable narration, you can take a vacation this weekend without having to leave the couch!


You can also take a big nostalgic bite out of the Big Apple with our new Spotlight. From the Bowery to Central Park and the subway tunnels to the skyscrapers, recapture the vintage New York vibe with fifteen incredible films.

The Fandor FIX initiative

Have documentary fever? Feed it with films by our featured FIX filmmakers. Find out more about how these auteurs take the form and run with it, and discover plenty of films to love.

Working Women Criterion Picks

We released brand new Criterion Picks this week, and if you missed your chance to watch The Match Factory Girl when it was part of the “Vengeful Women” collection, consider this your second chance! Plus, six more incredible and diverse movies centered around women in the workplace.

As always, you can find our newest movie fare on our Recently Added Films page, which updates auto-magically as soon as a film gets published. There’s always plenty of treasures to be found! Happy viewing, and we’ll be back with another roundup at the end of next week.

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