June Brings New Wakefield Poole Films to Fandor

Wakefield Poole

Just in time for Pride, two essential Wakefield Poole features made exclusively available to Fandor for the month of June.

At Fandor, it’s not a secret that we are proud of our extensive and diverse selection of the best LGBTQ films. And when it comes to spheres of influence and plain infamy, there are few names that can rival that of professional-dancer-turned-erotic-auteur Wakefield Poole, who has created some of the most remarkable expressions of the queer imagination. That’s why when it comes to Pride month, we are so thrilled to be exclusively offering Poole’s first groundbreaking features, Boys in the Sand and Bijou, for a limited run release! These two films, which are absolutely intended only for mature audiences, are an ideal double-feature:

Boys in the Sand is set in the pastoral wilds of Fire Island, the exuberantly natural setting well-suited to the film’s lusty action. After its release in 1971 at the 55th Street Playhouse, Fire Island became the storied tourist destination it is today, and star Casey Donovan became an international hit. The film took shame and secrecy out of homosexual sex by quite literally shining the sunlight on it, and critics and audiences responded with enthusiasm.

Poole followed his auspicious debut with a fitting complement: Bijou, about a construction worker’s journey into a strange parallel world, turns to domestic scenes and dream sequences for a decidedly more interior and surreal take on cinematic sexuality. With sumptuous production design and unforgettable imagery, this is a darker film that is by no means modest in its scope or subject.

Together, these films cemented Poole’s transition from Broadway dancer and choreographer to avant-garde pornography pioneer. In fact, it was Poole’s extensive background in the theater that made his crossover into artistic erotica so confident and artful. You can read more on the significance of these early works and Poole’s place in the LGBTQ canon on Keyframe, in a great article by Dennis Harvey.

As if that weren’t enough, we now also have four of Poole’s short films, joining his iconoclastic Old Testament adaptation Bible!, in our library:

A Gift

A Gift
, filmed during the shooting for Boys in the Sand as a valentine from artist Ed Parente to his boyfriend




Culture-jamming non-narrative 8mm experiment Head Film




Cut-out animation Vittorio, which was created for a gallery exhibition celebrating the poster art of Vittorio Fiorucci


And Andy, a gift for Warhol, edited “in-camera”, that documents the Pop Art giant’s work at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1969


Once again, Boys in the Sand and Bijou are available on Fandor only for the month of June, so don’t miss your chance to experience part of LGBTQ film history! We are thrilled to offer these indispensable essentials as part of our ongoing commitment to LGBTQ film. Happy viewing!

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