Hot Animation, Cool Docs, Fantasy, Pride and More (In Case You Missed It)

Beauty and the Beast

We have the best of the week in Fandor films and film news, collected into one handy guide. 

Is it just us, or are things heating up around here with June underway? This week we have thirty-three new films in the library and some amazing extras to boot, but we’ll start with our limited releases since they are so essential and only available for a short time. Specifically, two little words have been causing a big stir here at Fandor:

Wakefield Poole

That’s right. We’ve released six films by the pioneering LGBT filmmaker, just in time for Pride month. Erotic, lyrical and decidedly NSFW masterpieces Boys in the Sand and Bijou are only available in the month of June, so don’t miss your chance to see them in all their glory. If these features have you in the mood for more excellent LGBT films, be sure to check out the new Alternative Guide to LGBT Cinema, written by celebrated critic Dennis Harvey, for tons of gems straight from our library.

Criterion Picks

Other films you won’t want to sleep on (even though they are pretty dreamy) are this week’s Criterion Picks, which feature gorgeous offerings from masters like Jean Cocteau and Jacques Demy. You only have a little over a week to catch these fantastical Fairy Tales and Fables, so don’t let your cinema dreams get shattered!

Other treats in this week’s haul of films include a group of documentaries that explore identity, autonomy and authority with an unflinching audacity:

  • Better This World, a chilling account of two young men who paid a high price for protesting the 2008 Republican National Convention, and an investigation into the methods used to find and eradicate domestic terrorism
  • Alien Boy, about the life, struggle and death of artist, writer and musician James Chasse, who was murdered by the Portland Police Department in 2006
  • Snuff, which traces the origins and veracity of the “snuff film” and how it influences other instances of death onscreen
  • And Breaking Through, a collection of inspiring interviews with elected LGBT officials about their personal routes into office

SeventeenOr if you’d rather, head to Middletown this weekend for some cultural anthropology of small town U.S.A. All six installaments of the Muncie, Indiana-set cinema verité series is now exclusively online at Fandor – even Seventeen, the final chapter deemed too provocative for PBS! The film, which uncovers the attitudes and activities of a group of high school seniors, was made very hard to find after that controversy, so we are extra-proud to offer it as a capstone to the Middletown Film Project.

Adventures in Animation

And finally, don’t forget to explore our new Spotlight— it will take you on a flight of fancy through a genre as diverse as it is delightful. Of course, we’re talking about Adventures in Animation.

As always, the Recently Added Films Page is your best bet to find a fresh pick for the queue, and we’ll be back next week with festival news, sweet new films and more. Happy viewing!


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