How To: Stream Fandor Movies on Your Apple TV

Use AirPlay to stream Fandor films on Apple  TV

You asked, we answer: AirPlay is the key! 

We love being able to help our community enjoy the movies they love whenever they want — and however they want. So we’re thrilled to deliver this piece of good news, which is that you can watch Fandor on your Apple TV with AirPlay!

Watch Fandor with the iOS App

Who needs an Apple TV app? You can just access our easy-to-navigate iOS App on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and use AirPlay to stream directly from one device to the other.

Here’s a quick tutorial from the lovely folks at our Fandor Customer Service desk showing you how you are less than a minute away from optimizing your viewing experience:

Simple, right? For more information on this life-saver of a feature, check out this article in our Support section. While you’re there, you just might find other answers to your pressing questions about all things Fandor, too! Happy viewing, and we’ll be sure to keep updating you with work-arounds, breakthroughs and feature news so that our Fandorians are always in the loop.

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