Morgan Spurlock, Guy Maddin, Ornette Coleman and More (In Case You Missed It)

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Our handy guide to the best of the week in Fandor news and movies. 

Expressionistic and surreal horror abounds in midnight-movie hit Tales from the Gimli Hospital (pictured above), the first feature from Canadian cult/experimental icon Guy Maddin.

In Sundance-Audience-Award-winning 2014 documentary Alive Inside, testimony from the likes of Oliver Sacks and Bobby McFerrin lends fascinating context to footage that bears astonishing witness to the healing power of music.

Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me fame) tracks the movements and reverberations of an epidemic in his timely seven-minute short The Ebola Economy.

There are thirty-three new films in the Fandor library this week, and these are just the tip of the iceberg!

Watch Criterion Picks on FandorWe also released new Criterion Picks that can best be characterized with words like “epic”, “sweeping”, “visionary” and “really long” — that’s right, a collection of Great Sagas! Enjoy Truffaut’s The 400 Blows (pictured) and then follow the autobiographical protagonist across the whole Antoine Doinel series, or journey through other tales that cross generations to carry a true weight of historical wisdom. Be sure make some time to catch them before they disappear from the library! As with all of our Criterion Picks, they are only available for a limited time.

Other highlights from our new crop of movies include:

  • A Common Enemy, a thrilling political documentary that follows the first ever free elections in Tunisia, birthplace of the Arab Spring 
  • American Roots Musica four-part PBS series that traces the American musical arts through decades and influences with the help of interviews and archival treasures featuring the like of B.B King, Muddy Waters, Gillian Welch and Pete Seeger
  • Concerning Violence, a compelling portrait of Africa’s struggle for liberation that melds documentation and theory with a voiceover by hip-hop legend Lauryn Hill
  • And Ornette: Made in America, which pays tribute to recently departed jazz legend Ornette Coleman (1930 – 2015) with help from Buckminster Fuller, Yoko Ono, William Burroughs and many, many more

The Oak Cliff Film FestivalMeanwhile, the Dallas area is currently under the thrall of our friends the Oak Cliff Film Festival, which continues through June 14. Celebrating both the vibrant tradition of Texas film and the rich diversity of world cinema, the OCFF possesses a truly independent spirit. Be sure to check out the festival trailer, schedule and archive! There are twelve films from past years of the fest currently available on Fandor.

We’ll leave things there, since this should be more than enough cinematic inspiration for the time being! For more of the latest and greatest in the library, keep your eye on our Recently Added Films page. We’ll be back next week with more new movies and exciting news — until then, happy watching!

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