David Lynch, Breaking Barriers, Making Sacrifices, Honoring Dad and More (In Case You Missed It)

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A handy guide to our newest films, collected every week for your viewing pleasure. 

Your eyes are not deceiving you, Fandorians!  Our featured image is indeed from David Lynch’s cult-classic debut feature Eraserhead – a film we are proud to release as a Criterion Pick in commemoration of Father’s Day! Featuring Jack Nance in an unforgettable performance and an incredible score by Lynch and collaborator Peter Ivers, it’s a beautiful and disturbing work of art that established Lynch as one of cinema’s great iconoclasts and continues to inspire today, nearly forty years after its release. Don’t miss your chance to catch this surreal fever-dream of a parenthood story before it disappears from our library.

Watch Criterion Picks on Fandor

Looking for more, shall we say, family-friendly fare? This week’s Criterion Picks also feature not one, but two classic Charlie Chaplin slapsticks, including The Kid and A Day’s Pleasure. Be sure to check out the rest of the amazing films in this limited release collection for more Father’s Day watching. Speaking of Dad, why not give that guy the gift of movies? With this special offer of 50% off gift subscriptions, it’s a choice that’s both sentimental and smart — but it only lasts until June 23.

Had your fill of fatherhood-centric films? Not to worry! These are merely a fraction of the over twenty titles we added to the library this week. Like rockumentaries? Try Don’t Follow Me (I’m Lost), about Bobby Bare, Jr.’s grueling touring life, or Tough, Pretty or Smart, about Bluegrass bandmates The Patoka Valley Boys. Care about social issues? Check out these amazing true stories of Americans who risked it all to take a stand: Seabrook 1977, about a community’s resistance against encroaching nuclear power plant and An Act Of Conscience, a study in pacifism and solidarity narrated by none other than Martin Sheen. Are your concerns more global? We also just added Jos de Putter‘s portrait of Chechen mob boss and freedom fighter Khozh-Akhmed Nukhaev, The Making of a New Empire, and The Sniper of Kobani, Reber Dosky’s short profile of a Kurdish fighter on the Syrian-Turkish border.

If you get your fill of documentaries or just want to switch gears, we’ve got you covered with fantastic narrative films, like the avant-garde short Chronic (by FIX filmmaker Jennifer Reeves) and political crime drama White Rabbit. In the former, a woman travels through mental illness in a gorgeous and moving optically-printed film feast; in the latter, an Iraq War Veteran uses her special skills to forge a new and lucrative, albeit highly illegal, career path. And for a gut-wrenching take on the Japanese occupation of Nanking, don’t miss Black Sun, an unflinching historical drama that is as masterful as it is deeply disturbing. These, of course, are just the highlights of this week’s new movie haul, so be sure to check out the Recently Added Films section for the complete rundown.

Watch Fandor's Spotlight on Breaking BinaryIn other Fandor news, we’re continuing our cinematic celebration of Pride Month with the release of an incredible Spotlight full of films illuminating the glorious and diverse spectrum of gender identity. From heartstring-pulling documentaries like The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye (pictured), which follows the life and love of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV singer Genesis Breyer P-Orridge as they attempt to literally become one with their partner, to breathtaking contemporary romantic dramas like our Featured Release Laurence Anyways, these fourteen films run a tremendous gamut of lived experience and courageous fantasy. And if you like reading about movies as well as watching them, don’t miss an amazing comic by Fun Home creator (and 2014 MacArthur Fellow) Alison Bechdel about FIX filmmaker Caveh Zahedi! Bechdel is also the namesake for the cinematic Bechdel Test, which you can find out more about on our Bechdel Test page.

We’ll leave our roundup there for now, and let you enjoy your fill of amazing new movies before we’re back next week. We’ll have even more filmic treats, as well as exciting filmmaker and film festival news. Until then, happy viewing!


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