Cowboy Artists, Canadian Shorts, New Worlds and Nailbiters: In Case You Missed It

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Head into the holiday weekend with a handy guide to Fandor’s latest and greatest news and new movies!

Here at Fandor, we’re gearing up to celebrate independence with our favorite independents (films, that is)! Cool off after your BBQ and fireworks with some great titles that just landed in the library, like

  • Hard to Be a God (pictured in this week’s featured image), the stunning final film from auteur Aleksei German set on a faraway planet in the midst of chaos and brutality, a tour-de-force of Russian science fiction
  • Barzana haunting documentary filmed in both Iraq and Seattle that examines the American Dream in a post-9/11 culture of fear and beefed-up Homeland Security protocols
  • Gold, an Irish answer to the Wes Anderson phenomena of quirky, endearing dysfunction about an estranged father’s increasingly bungled attempts to reconnect with his wife and daughter
  • Funeral Season, an ethnographic account of the fascinating practice of Cameroonian Bamileke death celebrations
  • A collection of documentaries by Hugo Zemp on aspects of life and culture in Côte d’Ivoire, the Solomon Islands and Ceriana, Liguria
  • And En Plein Aira short by Chicago’s beloved underground darling and FIX filmmaker Jerzy Rose (doing his best tribute to Eric Rohmer)

But these new treats are just the tip of the ice cream cone: this week, we also released two amazing movie collections sure to be a bullseye OR a slam dunk (whichever you prefer). What are we even talking about?

Watch Fandor's Game Changers Spotlight on FandorTwo words: Game Changers. Two more words: Hoop Dreams. And finally, two more words: Cats. Boxing. Need we say more? Our newest Spotlight on sports cinema has something for everyone, even if your favorite sport is couch surfing. Hey, we don’t judge.

Watch Criterion Picks on FandorHoop Dreams, which is widely regarded as one of the best documentaries ever made, is also part of our American Documents Criterion Picks, a stunning collection of films that are a triumph in their own right and as an archive of dreamers, doers and iconoclasts as diverse as our fifty states – like The Maestro, also known as Gerald Gaxiola, who is the star of Les Blank’s documentary of the same name (pictured). What better way to celebrate American independence?

And lest we forget our beloved neighbors to the North amidst our July 4 revelry, we’re also celebrating Canada Day with fifteen Canadian short films that are brand new to the library, courtesy of an exciting partnership with the Canadian Film Centre. Check out this article for more details on these offerings, which are hotter than a scalding cup of Tim Horton’s on the tongue, and don’t be afraid to let that maple leaf flag fly by watching some this weekend!

So there you have it: everything you need to honor these great nations and the fantastic art they produce. For more movie night inspiration, be sure to keep your eye on our Recently Added Films page, and we’ll be back next week with a fresh bumper crop of diverse and high-quality films for your viewing pleasure. Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday!


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