Cassavetes, Factories, Frat Party Massacres and More (In Case You Missed It)

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You can defeat fear through humor, through pain, through honesty, bravery, intuition and through love in the truest sense.

Yesterday, we released five essential titles from the father of American independent cinema, John Cassavetes.

Watch films directed by John Cassavetes on FandorWe can’t wait to hear what you think about ShadowsFaces, A Woman Under the Influence (pictured above), The Killing of a Chinese Bookie and Opening Night, all now available for streaming. In fact, we’ll be publishing our favorite Cassavetes reviews in a future Fandorian post, so make your voice heard and sound off on our review boards!

There’s lots to be excited for this week in Fandor films, as we’ve got some truly great new viewing material to offer:

  • Comrades in Dreamsan uplifting look at global cinema culture and the power of film across four continents and very different contexts, united by a shared passion for the art and entertainment of the moving image
  • The Past is a Grotesque Animal, a music doc following the literal and existential journeys of indie rock frontman Kevin Barnes and his band Of Montreal
  • Face: A Frat Party Massacre, the “Dirty, Disgusting Found Footage Film” (according to horror arbiters Bloody Disgustingthat will more than satisfy your craving for summer slashers (this one’s not for the faint of heart, but we know some of you will love it)
  • And a handful of excellent works by filmmaker Abraham Ravett, including The Boardwalkdocumenting a stretch of passage along the Atlantic Coast of Coney Island, and Horse/Kappa/House, which nods to both the ethnography and folklore of Iwate Prefecture, Japan

Watch THE UNSTABLE OBJECT dir Daniel Eisenberg on FandorThese represent just a few of the thirty-three films we added to the library this week! Don’t miss two incredible industrial films, each powerful in their own right: The Unstable Object (pictured), which meditates (loudly) on the state of American labor, bothhuman and mechanized, and Inside Foxconnan up-to-date account of factory conditions for the young workers at Foxconn in Shenzhen, China, where many of our smart phones, tablets and wearable tech devices are made.

In keeping with this theme of truly iconoclastic voices, we also released MoistureThe Act of Being PolitePerfect Love and The Simple Songfour one-minute movies created by the enigmatic and avant-guard multimedia outfit The Residents. Watching them back-to-back is like experiencing a video-enhanced EP, and its weird charms are sure to grow on you.

Finally, our new Watch Criterion Picks on FandorCriterion Picks will send you on a romantic and dramatic vacation through (arguably) one of the world’s most romantic and dramatic cities. Come spend a Summer in Paris with us — but only for a limited time! Breathtaking classics like The Red Balloon (pictured) are only available through 7/19.

If you’re still hankering to find the exact right film for your next movie night, it’s hard to go wrong when browsing our Recently Added Films page. We’ll be back next week with more of everything that’s best in cinema, so until then, happy watching!


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