A Very Happy First FIX Anniversary!

The Fandor FIX Initiative

These five FIXers have new films in the library, just in time to help us celebrate a year of the rapidly growing, innovative FIX initiative. 

Here at Fandor, we couldn’t be more excited about the FIXer films that just hit the library for this newest feature! In fact, this edition of FIX is extra-special, because it marks the initiative’s one-year anniversary. Twelve months ago, FIX began as a way to support contemporary independent filmmakers and connect them to their audiences. From our original group of eighty-nine, we now have 183 (and growing) filmmakers as part of this initiative. That’s a lot of filmmakers! And that’s not all: the five filmmakers have wrapped shooting on their first FIXshorts, and we’ll be announcing five the next round of FIXshorts in mid-August.

Short films as well as features are the fare offered by this week’s featured FIXers, and their diversity and strength of voice make them an ideal group to commemorate the FIX initiative’s “paper anniversary” (since we’re a blog, digital paper will have to do). From insightful documentarians and archival-leaning essayists to formal and conceptual experimentalists, these five filmmakers represent the depth and breadth of the vast and valuable landscape of contemporary independent film. Let’s get to know them a bit better, shall we?

Katya Bankowsky

Watch SHADOW BOXERS dir Katya Bankowsky

From her own experiences as an amateur boxer, Bankowsky was inspired to turn her camera on the women of the sport of kings. The result, Shadow Boxers, was the first documentary of its kind, following two women living their lives in and out of the ring. Bankowsky’s profile is said to have inspired the story behind Million Dollar Baby, and one her her film’s subjects, Lucia Rijker, actually trained Hillary Swank and appeared onscreen as one of her fierce opponents. If you missed this celebrated and significant sports doc when it was part of our Game Changers Spotlight, here’s your chance to rectify things.

Daniel Eisenberg
Watch THE UNSTABLE OBJECT dir Daniel Eisenberg on Fandor

Eisenberg has been making films that explore history, industry, and modern human civilization at the interstices of documentary and avant-garde film for decades, and has screened everywhere from the Whitney Biennial to the Berlinale. We now have five films from his impressive oeuvre available for streaming, including recent Fandor Featured Release The Unstable Object, a fascinating riff on the industrial film genre that observes the machinations of human and human-programmed labor. Watch and see how the sausage (actually the car, clock and cymbal) gets made!

Karissa Hahn
Watch EFFIGY IN EMULSION dir Karissa Hahn on Fandor

For a fast but fascinating look at one artist’s media explorations and investigations, go no further than the eleven short films by Karissa Hahn now available on Fandor. In a series of elegant experiments, Hahn, who is a young and up-and-coming avant-gardist, employs celluloid manipulation and other media tools to create conditions for new understanding of her subjects. One such effort, Effigy in Emulsion, attempts to isolate and examine a single overexposed frame of a mysterious wedding film.

Andrew Kim
Watch WILL O THE WISP dir Andrew Kim on Fandor

Time, light, memory and the physical mediation of media through technologies: These are the conditions that Andrew Kim explores, among others, in his feature Will o’ the Wisp, now on Fandor. A gorgeous film framed by brainy, wondrous musings on visual phenomena and the limits of human understanding, it traverses the margins between perception and reality deftly. and with an earnest bent. Kim is an educator and programmer based in Los Angeles, and like our other currently featured filmmakers, he is brand new to FIX.

Ross LipmanWatch THE CROPPING OF THE SPECTACLE dir Ross Lipman on Fandor

Richly informed by his job as a film restoration expert and archivist, Ross Lipman’s films concern the tension between the ephemerality of human existence and the resulting urge toward preservation. In The Cropping of the Spectacle, which is now available for streaming on Fandor, Lipman unspools the origins of televised spectacle through the historic McCarthy hearings, using a classic anarchist documentary as a jumping-off point. Lipman’s newest project, NOTFILM, is about a fraught 1965 collaboration between Samuel Beckett (Waiting for Godot) and physical actor extraordinaire Buster Keaton. It’s currently in the crowdfunding stage and will premiere on Fandor if successful, so contribute if you can and help us spread the word: There are lots of great rewards available, including (of course) subscriptions to Fandor.

And stay tuned for more featured filmmakers, fascinating flicks and FIXshorts as we blaze full steam into our second year of FIX! Thank you for helping us create a platform of exposure and opportunity for these creative powerhouses. With your help, we’re making the world safer for independent film one title at a time.

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