Hard-Core Punk, Hard-Boiled Eggs, Rhythm, Revenge and More (In Case You Missed It)

Watch RHYMES FOR YOUNG GHOULS dir Jeff Barnaby on Fandor

Don’t be left in the dark! Get caught up on all of our goings-on and find your new favorite film with this handy guide to Fandor’s latest and greatest. 

Here at Fandor, things are always moving onward and upward, so the answer to “what’s new?” is always a long and enthusiastic one. This week is no exception! Our film pages got a new look, our FIX initiative celebrated its one-year anniversary and we added a whopping thirty-four new films to our ever-growing movie collection. Check it out!

Watch LES OEFS A LA COQUE dir Valérie Lalonde and Richard Leacock on FandorIncluded in these new titles is a collection of films from the dynamic documentary duo of Valérie Lalonde and Richard Leacock, including the charming and quotidian Les oeufs à la coque, which Fandorian Joe S. called “one of the best things viewed recently!” Also new this week:

  • Rhymes for Young Ghouls (pictured in our featured image), a tale of revenge set in the 1970s on the Canadian Aboriginal Red Crow Mi’gmaq reservation, where a young drug dealer is determined to escape her brutal residential school
  • The Electrifying Conclusion, a straightforward concert film documenting the New Year’s Eve 2004 (first) final show by rock legends Guided by Voices (with special appearance by onstage bartender Trader Vic)
  • Starstruck and My Brilliant Career, two coming-of-age Australian cult dramas by director Gillian Armstrong featuring plucky, strong-willed heroines determined to follow their dreams
  • Hotel Polskia fascinating documentary that shines light on a little-known plot to rescue Polish Jews from the Warsaw ghetto
  • David and Lisa, a touching story about two troubled souls finding love in a hopeless place (in this case, a mental institution)
  • The Plague Dogs, an emotionally wrenching animated film (think Watership Down, not Homeward Bound) that follows two escaped laboratory subjects trying to find their way home through an apocalyptic wasteland
  • Biking for Yemen, a short film that documents the power of nonviolent political action and community-driven activity
  • And The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne, an erotic and mysterious interpretation of the classic horror novella featuring a Victorian scientist with a dangerously split personality

For bonus points, don’t miss Phantasmagoria of the Interior, which uses video essay form to explore the nuances of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne, a powerful and shocking piece of cinema.

Watch Fandor's Spotlight on American PunkIn other Fandor news, our current Spotlight will let you enjoy the mosh pit from the safety of your own home, showcasing films about the stateside punk rock movement  through the decades. There’s a treasure trove of first-hand accounts, incredible concert films and barrier-busting cult hits to be found in this collection, featuring everyone from Patti Smith to Richard Hell (and all points in between). Enjoy Chicago punk primer You Weren’t There (pictured), and fifteen other chronicles of rebellion now! Hey, it beats a safety pin through the cheek.

ThWatch Criterion Picks on Fandoris week’s new Criterion Picks are a throwback to the ArtHouse 90’s, when the margins moved toward the center and independent films began to widen their niche audiences. Who doesn’t want to relive the dream of the 90’s? Schizopolis (pictured), a surreal and satirical experimental comedy written and directed by (and starring) Steven Soderbergh, is a great place to start.

And with that, we’ll leave you to your viewing, and meet you back here next week for a whole new heap of movie madness. If you get the jones for something fresher than fresh in the meantime, our Recently Added Films page has the goods to cure your craving. Happy watching!




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