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This week on Fandor: Frankenstein, Sting, Jeremy Irons, Michael Caine and More. 

Watch DE JUEVES A DOMINGO dir Dominga Sotomayor on FandorIt’s been another exciting week at Fandor, with lots of new offerings to both titillate your cinematic palate and keep you indoors beating the heat as we head into August (already). This week’s Featured Release, De Jueves a Domingo (Thursday Till Sunday), is a Chilean road-trip movie that combines smart and touching emotional resonance with gorgeously-filmed landscape footage and summer-soaked coming-of-age drama. It’s a promising debut from Dominga Sotomayor, and we highly recommend giving it a view.

But as always, we have lots of new offerings beyond our Featured Release: twenty-eight films in all! Here’s our up-to-the-minute world in movies:

    • Jeremy Irons turns an impressive performance as a canny Polish laborer in Moonlighting, a brilliant portrait of the Solidarity labor movement that both Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert put on their best-of lists the year that it was released (1982)
    • Two intrepid adventurers face down an extreme and harrowing challenge (an expedition to the North Pole, the “Everest” of expeditions), in the adrenaline-pumping, high-definition Into the Cold
    • Mods and rockers clash and scooters and amphetamine highs crash in Quadrophenia, based on the rock opera by The Who and featuring Sting as the obstreperous and rebellious “Ace Face”
    • At the behest of none other than the Dalai Lama, a faithful disciple searches through the villages of Tibet for his master’s reincarnated spirit in the stunning documentary Unmistaken Child
    • Scientists and wizards brawl extravagantly over the fate of a familiar monster in Jess Franco’s perverse, maximalist The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein
    • Child prodigy Marika Bournaki grows up on film (and plays Carnegie Hall at age ten), profiled by Bobbi Jo Krals in I am Not a Rock Star
    • The “True Fairy of Rock and Roll” gets his day (or rather, his doc) as interviews, archival footage and endearing animations tell the insane true story of Jobriath A.D. (pictured in our featured image above)
    • Dutch filmmaker Hedda Honigmann follows six diverse, troubled girls who find different forms of safety in virtual communities and seven elderly hardcore drug addicts in a home in the Netherlands in Emoticons and There Goes My Heart (co-directed with John Appel), respectively
    • Brazilians grapple in real time with the apocalyptic fallout of a devastating water shortage in recent (and prescient) documentary short Give Us Our Daily Water
    • And Michael Caine gets away with murder (literally) in the black comedy A Shock to the System

We also have a brand new set of Criterion Picks that were all released in 1966, which as it Watch Criterion Picks on Fandorturns out was a particularly stellar year for film. This is your chance to catch previous Picks that may have slipped through your fingers like Daisies and Au hasard Balthazar, as well as incredibly significant new Picks like The Battle of Algiers (pictured), which is accompanied by bonus making-of doc Marxist PoetryThese essential films will only be available on Fandor until August 9, though, so don’t let 1966 pass you by!

If you want to stay completely up-to-the-minute on what’s coming into the Fandor library, the Coming Soon page is a great way to get excited for the coming weeks. As always, we’ll be back next week with all the film and news that’s fit to print. Until then, stay cool and happy watching!

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