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ICYMI814_2This week on Fandor: Edgy burlesque, Dziga Vertov, Rip Torn, Alfred Hitchcock and more.

HerWatch THE GREAT MAN dir Sarah Leonor on Fandore at Fandor, we like to say that we bring the cinema to your screens, and this week, that’s more true than ever. Why? Because the only place in the USA that you can find acclaimed drama The Great Man, a wrenching tale of two men who meet in the French Foreign Legion and whose fates become inextricably tied together, is at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and in our library. Don’t miss your chance to see the film Manohla Dargis of The New York Times calls “an emotionally affecting and gently political exploration of identity, trauma and the limits of empathy.”

All in all, we had a whopping forty-six new films added this week, including a diverse Watch Criterion Picks like THE GREAT BEAUTY ON FANDORcollection of generation-spanning gems and a brand new batch of Criterion Picks focused on the world of after-dark entertainment (including a highly anticipated limited-time-only title, The Great Beauty, pictured above)! Here’s a look at the freshest Fandor films of the moment:

  • Island of Death, for all you horror, cult and midnight-movie fans out there that want something “awesome, terrible and hilarious in equal measure” (at least, according to Film School Rejects)
  • Death Watch, a science fiction film in the same vein as Scanners and Videodrome that, while made in the 1980s, seems prescient in the age of state-sponsored surveillance and wearable technology
  • Cemetery Without Crossesa French take on a Spaghetti Western (so a Quiche Western, maybe?) dedicated to Sergio Leone with a dark and broody spin on the trope enhanced by a fantastic score and theme
  • And The Afterlight, an exquisitely composed and haunting drama about a couple’s attempt to start anew in a hauntingly beautiful and remote setting that is both minimalist and heavily steeped in symbolism, and which also features Rip Torn delivering a helping of folksy rural realness

If gunplay, marital discord, over-the-top horror and dystopian media theory are too heavy for your weekend watching, consider some romantic and funny fare to keep things light, loving and a little cerebral, like these new-to-Fandor films:

  • A Night in Casablanca, in which Archie Mayo directs the Marx Brothers in a send-up of romance thrillers set in exotic locales (like another certain film with a certain city name in its title)
  • Another Country, pictured in this week’s featured image, in which a trifecta of British hunks (Colin Firth, Cary Elwes and Rupert Everett) star in a scandalous coming-of-age drama set an upper-class all-male British military-style “public” school in the 1930s
  • A Room with a View, an earnest adaptation of the E.M. Forster novel starring Helena Bonham Carter as a young woman torn between passion and convention
  • And The Long Voyage Home, which is based on a one-act play by Eugene O’Neill and was named to the National Board of Review’s top ten films of 1940

If you like the idea of a directorial deep-dive, on the other hand? Well, have we got some good binges ready for you! Just this week, we added three short films made by Alfred Hitchcock for the British Ministry of Information during WWII, four offerings from esteemed documentary film progenitor Dziga Vertov (including a new-and-improved HD version of The Man with the Movie Camera), two films by FIXer Daniel Kremer and fourteen films by the incomparable NYC underground darling Beth B, including her no-holds-barred NSFW documentary love letter to nudity in performance art, Exposed. And speaking of documentaries, there are two other new titles that you can give a whirl: Novelas do capetawhich explores the voracious consumption of telenovelas in Brazil and Teenage, a found-footage collage by Matt Wolf about the changing face and enduring mystique of youth cultures throughout the first half of the twentieth century.

What this huge haul means for our Fandorians is that this weekend, there will be no shortage of movies to satisfy whatever cinematic cravings may arise!  As always, we’ll be back on your screens next week with a whole new roundup of films to excite the imagination, so until then, happy watching!

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