Fandor edu Partner Spotlight

We’re teaming up with the American Film Institute (AFI) as part of the new Fandor edu program.

FandorEDURecently, we announced the Fandor edu program, aimed at empowering educators, students and institutions with resources, recognition and support. As we head back to school, we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership between Fandor edu and the American Film Institute (AFI)! Now, all students and faculty memberships have complimentary Fandor memberships to use any way they see fit (in or out of the classroom).

795.originalIn addition, we’re highlighting the great work of AFI graduates with a new Spotlight collection of their selected short films, part of Fandor edu’s larger efforts to showcase student films and connect tomorrow’s independent filmmakers with their audiences early and often.

The collection includes twelve short films that are all brand new to Fandor, like the incredible Sequin Raze (pictured in the Spotlight image and which director Sarah Gertrude Shaprio then turned into Lifetime smash UnREAL), and tell a diverse array of powerful stories.

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AFI’s Dean, Jan Schuette, will be profiled on the Fandorian in a future article that includes a custom Fandor Movie List and interview, as well! And Executive Vice Dean Joe Petricca had this to say about partnering with Fandor edu:

We are thrilled to have the Fandor edu program at AFI and can’t wait to see how our Fellows and faculty take advantage of their memberships. Fandor provides incredible educational resources and nurtures the next generation of independent voices, which is a natural fit for the AFI Conservatory where aspiring artists learn from the masters in a collaborative, hands-on production environment with an emphasis on storytelling.

If you are an AFI Fellow or faculty member, be sure to check your email to find your code for complimentary access to Fandor’s thousands of movies – now including some by your colleagues! But whether or not you’re affiliated with AFI, be sure to check out the amazing Film School Spotlight and stay tuned for more on Fandor edu. It’s not so bad to go back to school when it’s film school, is it?

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