Fandor is Now on Vessel!


 Fandor now offers dozens of short films by FIX filmmakers to Vessel subscribers, including a series of premieres.

Do you sometimes get the hankering for a movie experience that’s more tasting menu or tapas-style, rather than one hearty helping? Have you been known to crave a quick cinema fix on the go? Do you like discovering new and fresh creative voices, or exploring streaming media that skews a little outside of the mainstream?

We get it.  And we have good news: the Fandor channel is now live on the Vessel video service!

Fandor’s Vessel channel is a handpicked collection of twenty-six short films by some of our favorite contemporary auteurs, from Mark Rappaport and Lori Felker to Todd Rohal and Caveh Zahedi. You can see the full list of films included on the channel represented in the slideshow below! The filmmakers are a heterogeneous group that spans many genres, but all share one thing in common: they are all members of our FIX initiative.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since FIX is all about highlighting the works of contemporary emerging and mid-career filmmakers, removing the barriers between artists and their audiences to nurture long-term support and new discovery, making FIXer films available on Vessel is a natural fit for our vision. Combining the two crucial aspects of great content services – diversity and curation – is what makes Vessel such a great resource for entertainment seekers. The Fandor channel is a way for us to provide Vessel viewers with a unique type of short-form entertainment, and introduce them to other cool offerings available from FIX filmmakers.

Me the Terrible (2012) dir. josephine DeckerBut that’s not all! Along with this collection, the Fandor channel will feature a series of exciting premieres. Every two weeks starting today, a new title will go live on the Vessel channel and stream exclusively for 124 hours before becoming available in the Fandor library. The first of these premiere releases is Me the Terrible, a whimsical episode in an urban childhood from breakout director Josephine Decker.

You may recognize Decker from her feature films Thou Wast Mild and Lovely and Butter on the Latch, both of which feature complex female characters and cosmically, considerately composed camerawork. Both have also opened in recent years to almost universal critical acclaim. Richard Brody of the New Yorker has said of Decker’s directing, “their style is a worldview in itself; they recreate the cinema in their own image, which is a comprehensively lyrical vision of the world.” Me the Terrible, while only eleven minutes long, is still an apt reflection of Decker’s poetic polymath perspective.


Why Vessel for these premieres? Because we think the Vessel viewers will appreciate the filmmaker-as-creator model that FIXers embody, similar to the grassroots audience-building of the artists on other Vessel channels. The ability to offer high-quality independently produced cinema in a continuum of streaming entertainment means that we’re making the arthouse more accessible (and easy to sample) than ever before.


Fandorians who can’t wait until September 1 to watch this new movie morsel can rest assured: the first month of Vessel is free for a test run! That means you’ll also receive first access to the next Vessel premiere on September 10, Sari Gilman’s King’s Point, a nuanced half-hour documentary about aging and autonomy through the experiences of five senior citizens.

And stay tuned! We have more premiere news and other exciting announcements coming down the pipeline. Until then, happy surfing!


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