A Short (but Sweet) FIX Feature


Josephine Decker, Joey Izzo, Todd Rohal, Jerzy Rose and Susanne Ullerich all have short films on Fandor’s Vessel channel.

Last week, we announced the launch of a Fandor channel on the Vessel video service, a new way for audiences to discover and enjoy contemporary films by directors in Fandor’s FIX initiative. We’re so excited to have this new avenue for showcasing the contemporary independent voices in our library that we decided to dedicate our latest FIX feature to five of the auteurs who are part of the channel’s debut. Read on, and discover more about these filmmakers and their work!

Josephine Decker

Me the Terrible dir. by Josephine Decker on Fandor

Josephine Decker’s unconventional yet powerful style makes this former performance artist an emerging talent to watch closely. Indiewire calls Decker’s Butter on the Latch “the unholy marriage of Ingmar Bergman and David Lynch”, and her brand new, award-winning Thou Wast Mild and Lovely likewise seethes with a lyrical, erotic charge. Both are available on Fandor for your viewing pleasure, along with a premiere of her short film Me the Terrible, a whimsical episode in an urban childhood. Me the Terrible premiered on Vessel on August 27, a fitting first for a series of premieres that will make their way to the Fandor library after a five-day run on Vessel.

Joey Izzo
Chuck's Chicken (2007) dir. Joey Izzo

A veteran of experimental film collage who has worked extensively with fellow Fandor filmmaker Craig Baldwin, Izzo is a San Francisco filmmaker who has brought his avant-garde background to bear on his droll and naturalistic style. While at San Francisco State University, his student film Chuck’s Chicken (about a cultish family of fundamentalists who enslave their children as costumed sign-spinners), earned him the prestigious Murphy & Cadogan Fellowship Tuition Grant. We’re proud to have it available now on Fandor and on Vessel.

Todd Rohal
Hillbilly Robot (2001) dir. Todd Rohal
Known for his decidedly offbeat humor, Rohal has been a darling at Sundance and Slamdance for years and has worked with similarly iconoclastic comedic minds like Patton Oswalt, Johnny Knoxville and Rob Riggle. Fandor picked up Rohal’s Rat Pack Rat for streaming right before its 2014 Sundance Shorts release and have six films, including his acclaimed first feature, in our library. His 2001 short film Hillbilly Robot (which the Baltimore City Paper named “Film of the Year” in 2002) is currently streaming on Vessel.

Jerzy Rose
En Plein Air (2014) dir. Jerzy Rose
Hailing from the vibrant filmmaking community of the Windy City, Jerzy Rose has a vested interest in cultural enclaves (academics foodies, film nerds, etc) and a style that is characterized by satire, send-up, absurdity and homage. His newest feature, Neighborhood Food Drive, was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter (with some help from Fandor), and we have seven of his films currently available for streaming. Over on Vessel, we’re representing Rose with his recent short film En Plein Air, a festival circuit favorite that finds Rose doing his best Eric Rohmer impression.

Susanne Ullerich
Michendorf (2003) dir. Susanne Ullerich
Just outside of Berlin sits a motorway restaurant with a rich history tied to the Cold War and the Deutsche Demokratische Republik. Ullerich, whose previous documentary The Artists is also streaming on Fandor, profiles this relic of a restaurant and its employees in a fascinating account of another, more divided time in Germany’s history. Ullerich grew up in Germany and currently works as a freelance artist and educator in Berlin, and thus Michendorf is an important piece in the legacy of a homeland. Vessel subscribers can now enjoy this small slice of history on Fandor’s channel.

Be sure to check out the rest of the films that these five talented FIXers have in our library, as well as many more additional short films streaming now on Vessel! And stay tuned: we’ll have another FIX feature with more filmmaker news in a just few weeks.

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