Coming Attractions: Original Content, Exclusive Premieres


FIXshorts returns with five exciting new short film projects.

As summer turns to fall, it’s not just the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Halloween candy: FIXshorts, the exciting program that empowers filmmakers from our FIX initiative to create and premiere original short films, is back! The project is a twice-yearly affair that had its first crowdfunding campaigns successfully funded back in April.

“After the immensely successful launch of FIXshorts in March, it was essential to roll-out another quintet of projects as those films near completion,” said Jonathan Marlow, Fandor co-founder and Chief Content Officer. “FIXshorts does not just provide the initial funds to help get these films made. It provides an ideal means for these films to be seen.”

FIX filmmakers were invited to submit screenplays and budgets to Fandor for consideration, and the following four projects were selected among those submissions to be the second batch of FIXshorts. Fandor is providing the same support for this second round of original content and exclusive premiere, including:

  • Contributing fifty percent of their originating budget,
  • Providing reward benefits on their Kickstarter campaigns to raise the remaining funds, and promoting those campaigns through FIX pages and social channels,
  • Guaranteeing distribution on Fandor (in tandem with film festivals and with the filmmakers retaining exclusive rights) and
  • Assisting in each film’s outreach effort so that their work is as far-reaching and impactful as it is ambitious

The Kickstarter campaigns for these projects kicked off yesterday and each has thirty days to reach their goal. Like the first FIXshorts collection, a healthy range of forms and genres are represented, so take a minute to peruse the projects and find out more about the filmmakers:

Daniel Stuyck FandorFIX-DanielStuyckis a FIXer who recently debuted a staggeringly gorgeous music video, Envy, at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Fandor carries three of his short works, and his FIXshorts project is The Eternal, an existential ghost story about a pizza delivery driver who receives a cryptic transmission from beyond the grave.

FandorFIX-AniSimonKennedyAni Simon Kennedy‘s Days of Gray creates an award-winning dystopian coming-of-age film combining apocalyptic landscapes with folk esoterica and a score by Icelandic band Hjaltalín. Watch this compelling feature on Fandor, and check out her campaign for Hench, an absurdist dark comedy about a run-of-the-mill kidnapping plot gone awry. This short will premiere on Fandor as part of FIXshorts.

FandorFIX-LynnSachsLynne Sachs is a celebrated experimentalist (and well-established FIXer) with twenty-four films available for streaming on Fandor that range from personal poetic documentaries to travelogues and structural exercises. For FIXshorts, her project is a hybrid-form film co-directed with Lizzie Oleskar called Every Fold Matters. Centering on a neighborhood laundromat in Brooklyn, New York, the film, which will premiere on Fandor, combines narrative and documentary elements to explore the unique conditions of this rapidly-disappearing social space.

Josh GibsonFandorFIX-JoshGibson is also a previously featured FIX filmmaker with three luminous,
hand-processed film essays available on Fandor. His FIXshorts project will also be shot on film using traditional color negatives: Pig/Pork is an industrial film, of sorts. In it, Gibson explores the complex system of large-scale factory hog farming in his native North Carolina with a lyrical, aestheticized structure that blurs and interrogates the documentary form as well as the fraught subject at hand.

But wait! There’s more!

Support Alex Cox's campaign on IndiegogoIn addition to these projects, the FIXshorts program is expanding, evolving to suit the needs of the independent film community. With that goal in mind, it seems a natural next step to throw our support behind countercultural iconoclast Alex Cox. Cox made waves in the 1980s with cult hits Repo Man and Sid and Nancy, and has remained a stalwart independent since. Now we are thrilled to welcome Cox to FIX by offering six of Cox’s previous features and supporting the Indiegogo campaign for his latest TombstoneRashoman-Newsletter_bigproject, Tombstone Rashomon. That’s right: Cox will be applying the logic of Kurosawa’s classic to the legend of the shootout at the O.K Corral, and a featurette from the project will premiere on Fandor! This particular campaign has less than two weeks left, so there’s never been a better time to consider contributing to this exciting project.

These five projects will be a fantastic addition to our FIXshorts catalog, but they are going to be, much like any film project, a collaborative effort. Please re-post, tweet, and share to get the news out far and wide and help us see these crowdfunding campaigns off to a running start! We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the second round of FIXshorts gets off the ground, and the first round become available to watch and share. Stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Coming Attractions: Original Content, Exclusive Premieres

  1. I just want to try out one film to see if it will run on XP wuth Unternet Explorer 8. Can you let me do this before I hassle signingup? I am a filmmaker and video producer experi,emta. docs kt good

    • Hi KT! Thank you for contacting Fandor. Unfortunately, Windows XP/Internet Explorer 8 is not a supported configuration for Fandor. We are available streaming across various mobile platforms: via Apple AirPlay (iPhone or iPad to AppleTV), Chromecast and Roku, and on Kindle and Android.

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