Not to Fear, it’s Here: New FIX!

These filmmakers are giving us all treats. No tricks. 

Sweating to the oldies, hacking the planet, becoming a robot, world traveling and time traveling: it’s all in the films by our latest featured FIX filmmakers! Let us be your cruise director through the FIX waters, and introduce you to the minds behind these cool, cool movies:

Omar El Zohairy

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At a glance Just out of film school, a new independent voice from a new wave of Middle Eastern film

Filmmaker profile 
Having studied under the mentorship of Egyptian cinema luminaries like Yosry Nasrallah and Ahmed Abdallah, El Zohairy has accomplished much for a filmmaker still under the age of thirty. His short films tackle aspects of Egyptian life, in all its complexity and difficulty, by boiling his inspirations and motivations down to expressions of powerful and universal experiences like fear and drawing from outside influences like the literature of Chekhov. We’re thrilled to offer his first two films, both award-winners, on Fandor.

Fun fact In 2014, Zohairy’s student short became the first Egyptian film ever to appear in the Cannes Film Festival’s lineup of official selections.

To watch The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375, Zafir

Sari Gilman

At a glance Rapidly rising star in the world of international and historical nonfiction film and television

Filmmaker profile Gilman began her career as an award-winning documentary editor working with geographical and contentious political subjects from Abu Ghraib to New Orleans. After a triumphant directorial debut that profiles five residents of a Florida retirement home grappling with love, loss and identity in “the golden years”, she is currently in progress on a an investigation of Israel, its perceptions and their polarities.

Fun fact King’s Point, which was also our second Vessel premiere, has racked up more wreaths than a holiday store (we’re talking about festivals and accolades, of course), including a 2013 Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Short!

Bill Kinder

At a glance Film industry veteran who independently directed and produced a “must-see” post-Iraq noir-thriller about a different kind of veteran

Filmmaker profile With a resume many would envy, including jobs at Coppola’s American Zoetrope and a little animation lab called Pixar’s Editorial and Post Department, Kinder has also produced live television and edited numerous commercials. Despite this robust career, he has also found the time to direct multiple art films and documentaries, including the Emmy-nominated exposé of California’s rising prison-industrial complex, Dangerous Company. White Rabbit, Kinder’s first narrative feature, tackles the subject of postwar PTSD and our country’s fractured political landscape in the form of a gritty crime thriller with a female protagonist.

Fun fact Kinder’s independent spirit led him to produce White Rabbit under the auspices of his own production company, Boxcar Pictures, and in his (seemingly impossible) spare time, he enjoys putting his take on film and media history into a series of personal video essays.

Sasha Litvintseva

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At a glance Russian-born, London-raised PhD candidate serving up fascinating international documentaries from a fresh and unusual perspective that makes for vivid vicarious traveling

Filmmaker profile The subject of Litvintseva’s academic research and cinematic oeuvre is the idea of time and temporality in contemporary art film. She believes that examinations of landscape and architecture can reveal the layers of meaning and history embedded within them, and is working through the ways cinema can collapse and reveal time and space to the viewer. It’s clear from her past films, most recently a trio of travelogue/documentary/experimental hybrids, that she’s on to something.

Fun fact You can read a small treatise on liminality and stasis in Turkey as seen through Litvintseva’s work.

To watch Evergreen, Alluvion and Immortality, home and elsewhere

Josh Weissbach

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At a glance 
A favorite on the experimental film festival circuit who melds the interior and exterior landscape in artful, short form exercises

Filmmaker profile 
From medical transformations to domestic thrillers, Josh Weissbach is an experimentalist tackling powerful subjects like memory and trauma using both 16mm film and digital video. He has been awarded numerous grants, including the Cary Grant Film Award in 2008 and a LEF Fellowship from the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar in 2015, and has participated enthusiastically in the Underground Film Journal’s Filmmakers and their Cats project.

Fun fact 
Proof that you don’t need cosmopolitan urbanity to be avant-garde, Weissbach resides in the small town of Moodus, Connecticut (pop. 1,413). Moodus is infamous for its “Moodus Noises”, which are attributed to the region’s seismic activity and were the basis for H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror. Do these creepy sounds influence Weissbach’s oeuvre?

To watch and none better than an old man
, Model Fifty-One Fifty-Six, theoria, 106 River Road

And there you have it! Help us welcome these filmmakers to Fandor and let us know what you think of their films. We hope you enjoy our new FIX feature, and that you’ll get to know our newest FIXers before our next one. Until then, happy watching!

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