In Case You Missed It

Weekly RoundupThis week on Fandor: Frights of Fancy, Feats of Fearlessness, Far-Out Fetishes and More.

We know, we know! The thought of missing out of one of our incredible new releases disturbs us as much as this poor coed from Satan’s School for Girls (the Aaron Spelling-produced, pulpy delight pictured above).

But don’t worry! We’re here with our trusty Weekly Roundup to help you find the weekend watching of your dreams (and nightmares). In this edition, we’re going to go full-tilt into scare territory…

7331.original…but not without a quick nod, first and foremost, to an alchemist of fear – one who transforms vulnerability into power. We hate to say it, Jay-Z, but Picasso Baby” was kind of tardy to the party on this one.

Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present
There may be no one else alive like her: the brilliant, shocking, and influential figure who ignited the art world and the popular culture with her three-month-long, endurance-based, interactive artwork at New York’s MoMA in 2010. You know who it is:

Now back to our regularly-scheduled seasonal programming:

41621.smallThis week’s Featured Release is actually a miniseries: Kiyoshi Kurosawa‘s deeply disturbing psychodrama PenanceBut we also just got in another film by this modern master of Japanese horror!

The Guard From Underground
While clearly made with less overhead, budget-wise and content-wise, this circa-1992 splatter-fest is the unmistakeable work of a true blue, through-and-through genre fan. It has art, violence and ambiance to spare, and the soundtrack is nothing short of killer.

7180.originalWhen it comes to the psychology of fear and desire, you really can’t go wrong with ancient archetypes. The Classics had it right! They tap deep into that vein of our deep dark psyches.

Greece’s first fully crowdfunded film is an update of Antigone that poses the terrifying, ever-unanswered question, “Is human law justice?”

7217.originalSartre’s declaration of existential angst, “Hell is other people,” could serve as the tagline for this unabashedly discomforting film that taps into a very different kind of terror, but one no less universal.

Female Pervert

Phoebe is human and she needs to be loved…but not quite just like anybody else does. In her quest to satisfy her various and sundry urges, she scares the pants off (and back on) a lot of men. This film gets bonus points for most awkward scene involving a theremin.

criterion_superVillains_hauntedStrangler_noBtn_580And of course, we know you have serious FOMO (that’s a fear of missing out, for the uninitiated) about our Super Villains-themed Criterion Picks! You want chilling? You got it. But only until November 8th. *The watching of these films may cause one to develop an obsessive tendency to check the locks and a deep and pervasive mistrust of one’s fellow man (and woman). Viewer discretion is advised, and viewer discretion while watching alone is highly advised. 

With that, we’ll leave you to your weekend watching – we hope you all have a Halloween weekend full of freakish amounts of fun! Until next week’s roundup….don’t scare yourself too much…




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