Fandor is Now on Apple TV!

The wait is over: a reboot of a beloved platform means that Fandor is now streaming on Apple’s big screen.

This is a guest post by Albert Reinhardt, Fandor co-founder and VP of Product.

As a product developer and tech junkie, I get excited by the arrival of new platforms and exciting updates to old ones. In this case, the Apple TV reboot is one that has been highly anticipated for years!

Anticipation for the New Apple TV

When we hear from our members about how they want to watch movies online, the Apple TV is consistently one of our most requested devices. Films fans love it and they want their Fandor films on it. In the past, we’ve done our best to quench that need with the support of AirPlay.

Back in August, amidst predictions that a new Apple media streamer was imminent, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jared Newman of Fast Company (you can read the whole article here) about my hopes for functionality in the forthcoming reboot. Then, Apple announced the new Apple TV on October 9th, to much fanfare. 

With the announcement, Apple made it clear that the new Apple TV would have an app store-style structure like with existing mobile and desktop devices, enriching the available offerings by enabling anyone and everyone to build for the platform! This was our chance to get Fandor on the Apple TV.   

Access to Films from Around the World, in Your Living Room

Given the anticipated release of the new Apple TV in early November, we knew we’d need to work fast. Luckily, Fandor co-founder and CTO Dan Aronson was ready to go with a “proof of concept”. Apple did a stellar job providing a framework for developers to build streaming applications, and the TVML, TVJS and developer network provided crucial support to deliver a rich experience in a short amount of time.


Fandor Makes Finding Movies Easy

Using the Apple TV remote, it’s now a quick and straightforward process to discover and watch Fandor films.

Under My Films, you’ll be able to find your Queue, Watched Films, and personalized Recommended films from our staff. Our New Releases, Spotlight collections and currently-trending Popular films are also top-level.


If you want to dive deep into a genre, they are all there for you to explore. Of course, you can also search for movies by both title and director’s name.


Fast-Loading Films

Apple deployed a rigorous and discerning rubric to ensure that their customers would have a great experience with the new platform. They wanted to ensure that the first apps entering into the store were in tip-top shape, which we certainly appreciate (and know you do, too!)  Navigation is responsive and intuitive, which means you don’t have to wait for screens to load. The playback experience is smooth and it’s awesome to see the HD content on the big screen.


If you are new to Fandor, you can subscribe using your Apple TV. Current members that have subscribed on their iPhone or iPad can link their via their iTunes account (info here) and all other members can link with an activation code on (info here).


We try to make it easy to discover incredible films from around the world. Thanks to Apple TV, the curated experience you love is now easier to immerse yourself in than ever, and presented in a beautiful and functional way. Happy watching! And stay tuned: we will continue to work to develop availability on the platforms that you use to watch movies.



5 thoughts on “Fandor is Now on Apple TV!

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  2. Hi there,
    I’m a prospective subscriber via the ATV4. Your app and content excited me however I’ve been reluctant to sign up until the app receives an update. The reason being is that it is hard to see what the content is without actually selecting it to display the title below the thumbnail. Due to the fabulous archive you possess this means you have a lot of very obscure titles that aren’t instantly recognizable via their thumbnail image.
    The solution? Replace thumbnail still images with movie poster OR have movie title permanently viewable below the still images.
    Also, I’m sure it is different when you perform a search but the browsable selection seems to be much smaller than it should be. Browsing is key to discovery as you cannot search for something you do not know what to search for.
    If these changes can be implemented, I would then strongly consider becoming a subscriber.

    Thanking you.

    • Hello and thank you so much for writing! We really appreciate your thoughtful feedback. The depth of our library, which – you are absolutely right – contains a lot of gems that may not instantly recognizable by their thumbnail images, is our pride and joy, so we are always happy to hear how we can better help you navigate it. We’ll pass your comments on to our team! For more great Fandor movies, video essays, articles and more, please check us out via and thank you again for reaching out!

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