In Case You Missed It

ICMYI-1120-KeepSmilingThis week on Fandor: The struggle is real. 

Movies provide a window into the lives of others, allowing us to experience their stories with them and discover new things about ourselves and the world. We added thirty-one new titles to the Fandor library this week, many of which examine the circumstances of privilege and prejudice that play out both day to day and across the arc of history. Here are some highlights from this week’s freshest film crop, all of which concern the implications of the hand we’re dealt in life:

What’s Georgian for “You’ve come a long way, baby?” Dark comedy Keep Smiling (source of this week’s featured image) centers on an ethically dubious beauty pageant for mothers in the Republic of Georgia, with a top prize that’s worth compromising some dignity for — or is it? As this film brilliantly shows, the intersection of class, power, gender and spectacle is a minefield indeed.


The ugly practice of driving black citizens out of their communities was commonplace in America from the 1860s all the way through the 1920s, displacing around 4,000 people from their homes. Banished unearths this hidden piece of history to examine how that legacy of violence and racial cleansing has unfolded across time and what can be done to address it.


We think defense attorney and Innocence Project founder Jeff Blackburn says it best: “This is a story about how our idea of justice gets corrupted when we declare war on something.” Follow the filmmakers as they examine the incredible fallout from the infamous 1999 narcotics raid that led to nearly fifty false convictions in the small town of Tulia, Texas.

zorasunZora Neale Hurston: Jump at the Sun is the story of an extraordinary life: that of a celebrated folklorist, anthropologist and author of Their Eyes Were Watching God. Through scholarly interpretation, interview reenactments and archival footage shot by Hurston herself, get to know a groundbreaking artist and intellectual in all of her uncompromising glory.

If these films aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, fear not! We’ve got lots of amazing titles to choose from. Head over to our New Releases page to find some other great ideas for tonight’s viewing (and beyond). As always, we’ll be back next week with more exciting, entertaining and impactful movies to share. Until then, happy watching!

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