In Case You Missed It

This week on Fandor, we’re dishing up delicious new releases for holiday weekend watching.

The cooking is done, the leftovers are wrapped up and you’ve come out on the other side of your food coma. Or, if you’re Canadian, you’ve had Thanksgiving out of your system for weeks. We see you up there!

Whether you’re settling in for quality couch time with the loved ones, queueing up and tuning out as holiday recovery or just putting off doing all of the dishes, we’ve got you covered! We added thirty-five new films to the library this week, and if you aren’t already a member of Fandor, we’ve made it absurdly easy (and cheap) to change that. Read on for the some of the week’s new film highlights and find out why there’s never been a better time to give (or get) the gift of film:

holiday_cyberMondayEmailAnimDon’t let this insane holiday sale pass you by! Now through Monday, Fandor memberships are half the normal cost. That’s a full year of unlimited streaming for about the cost of two movie theater tickets plus popcorn and drinks. It’s a no brainer for you or any other movie lover on your list, so claim your discount and then figure out what you’re watching this weekend:

ourdayOne sure way to get the whole family talking? Our Day Will Come, a dystopian thriller from a dystopian thriller from the director Romain Gavras, the son of noted political filmmaker Costa-Gavras and the guy that brought us that infamous M.I.A. music video for Born Free (viewer discretion advised). This is set in the same altered reality, and the allegory is as powerful now as ever. Starring La Haine‘s Vincent Cassel this mind-bending movie is, according to William Goss of Cinematical, “truly transportive filmmaking, a window into a world only one degree off from our own, laden with absurdist charms and about as hypnotic and brash as a klaxon.”

satansangelAdding to our great collection of nonfiction films about alternative lifestyles and entertainment (including Beth B’s Exposed, Nick Broomfield’s Fetishes and Sasha Waters Freyer’s Whipped), Satan’s Angel: Queen of the Fire Tassels provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at burlesque legend Angel Walker, her decades of boundary-pushing performance art with her partner Vic and her amazing, hilariously unfiltered storytelling. But don’t take it from us! Fandor member Creepypeepy reports: “Satan’s Angel is hysterical… this lady needs her own talk show!”

immoraltalesSpeaking of titillation, we also just added two of the most notorious films from renowned Polish director Walerian Borowczyk, who was (according to his obit) “described variously by critics as a genius, a pornographer and a genius who also happened to be a pornographer…If Franz Kafka and the filmmaker Luis Buñuel were cross-pollinated, the result would be Mr. Borowczyk.” Add some spice to your holiday movie feast with The Beast (pictured as this week’s featured image) and Immoral Tales, the latter of which features the only onscreen appearance by a certain Paloma Picasso.


Your belly may be full, but there’s always room to indulge in a viewing marathon! At the intersection of our Epic Binge spotlight (full of super-sized cinematic servings) and our new Oddball America-themed Criterion Picks is Tanner ’88. Directed renegade auteur Robert Altman, with a script by Doonesbury creator Gary Trudeau, this eleven-episode piece of political theater originally aired on HBO and features a pre-Sex and the City Cynthia Nixon, along with plenty of real-life cameos. In this era of political theater, it’s a deep dive that will feel both terribly prescient and almost stranger than fiction, but it’s only available for a few more days, so don’t wait to get your fill!

seasonsAnd finally, if you’re as thankful for avant-garde film as we are (and we know you’re out there), we have a brand-new addition to our collection of film experiments: Seasons…, a collaboration between beloved vanguardist Stan Brakhage, who hand-scratched and painted film loops, and Phil Solomon, who re-photographed and assembled them into a seasonally-inspired cycle. Serenity now!

We’ll be back next week with even more new movie treats to share, but until then, enjoy the big beautiful spread we’ve laid out for you on our New Releases page. Happy watching, and happy holidays – from all of us here at Fandor!


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