In Case You Missed It


This week on Fandor: Rhymes with a reason, international intrigue, lavish landscapes, deadly board games, quirky concert footage and more. 

Every week, we add so many new films to our library that we often don’t get to highlight all of them in our email newsletters or on our home page. So every week, we round up some of the coolest new films to be found on Fandor, for your viewing pleasure. These are just five of the thirty-five new films that are brand new for you to watch this week!

John DeFore of The Hollywood Reporter says that Greek drama L “makes Dogtooth look like a Lifetime movie.” In fact, it was directed by the screenwriter of Dogtoothand likewise takes place in a universe only slightly different from our own. It’s enough to make an impression, though, and certainly emblematic of the emerging innovation happening in contemporary Greek cinema.

qgIn the heart of London, the Garden at Buckingham Palace is lush, historic, vast and private. With The Queen’s Gardenyou get a VIP tour of a horticultural marvel in all of its distinct seasons, led by Born Free’s Bill Travers. Lakes! Bees! Famous urns! Take that, seasonal affective disorder. This is one treat for nature lovers, gardening nerds and Anglophiles all.

accomplisce4Some stories are sweeping, and some stories are short. In the time in takes to brush your teeth, Hal Hartley will spin quite the yarn, and Accomplice has a little bit of a lot of great things: analog video geekery, a pretty lady committing acts of media piracy and a cameo, of sorts, by Jean-Luc Godard. This movie morsel is mysterious but satisfying, especially if you already heart Hartley.

lovelyThere’s no denying that the United States is experiencing constant violence and a seemingly unending stream of bad news. In times like this, films like A Lovely Day, which documents young rappers in Oakland, California as they find power, resilience and confidence through music, serve as a powerful reminder that the younger generation has agency and a voice. There is hope for the future in the dreams of our youth. Also, the arts are important.

devoAnd finally, we’ll play you out with the weird, infectious brilliance that is Devo, with a full-length concert film taped live at the Phoenix Theater in California. The hits! The hats! Devo Live 1980 (pictured in this week’s Featured Image) has it all. It’s not too late to whip it. Whip it good.

These highlights are just a fraction of the are dozens of other titles ready for viewing and queuing over on our New Releases page, and we’ll be back next week with more films than you can stuff in a stocking. Until then, happy watching!



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