Planet Fandor Welcomes New FIXers!


“Take us to your leader” is a film joke. Get it? 

Homemade hooch, hidden histories, movement, magic and more: it’s all in the films by our latest featured FIX filmmakers! Let us be your captain through the FIX galaxy, and introduce you to the fabulous directors behind these cool, cool movies:

Lily Baldwin

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At a glance A prolific director of narrative shorts and music videos who is making — and starring in — a new kind of dance film

Filmmaker profile 
With a background that includes touring with David Byrne and performing with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Baldwin makes stylish yet authentic films that are brimming with the joy of movement. From music videos to historical romances, Baldwin brings her magic touch and her fresh outlook on movement to every one of her many projects, and we now have seven of them available for streaming! You can read a fantastic interview with her over on Keyframe to learn about her work ethic, directorial influences and much more.

Fun fact Baldwin is currently working on a VR (virtual reality) project and two episodic series. Clearly, she’s out to conquer all platforms!

To watch A Juicebox AfternoonSleepover LA 


Amanda Katz

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At a glance A Brooklynite with plenty of hustles who is currently an MFA candidate and a respected film professional

Filmmaker profile 
This Jill-of-all-trades works professionally in cinematography and editing (she’s even working with fellow FIXer Lynne Sachs on Sachs’ latest film!) as well as directing and producing poignant works that examine their surroundings for the hidden details, bringing them to light. In other words, she pays attention. Close attention. In the two films we now have available on Fandor, both the unseen consequences of the BQE development project and the random treasures gleaned from New York streets are both given their spotlight. Katz is somewhat of a champion of the unsung urban experience, you could say.

Fun fact Katz’s collaborator on these Fandor films, nonfiction filmmaker Georg Anthony Svatek, will be part of the next FIX feature!

To watch As You Pass By, Early 12 New York Song 


Laura Kraning

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At a glance Avant-garde industrial film meets experimental documentary in this director’s painstaking excavations

Filmmaker profile
What makes a landscape? Through a process of “esoteric archaeology”, Kraning explores the truths and connections built up beneath the surface. For her efforts, she has received two Jury Awards at the Ann Arbor Film Festival and  screened her work widely elsewhere, as well. Two of her films are now available on Fandor, with a third debuting in the coming weeks. In these experiments, an industrial boatyards and drive-in movie theater stand as transitional points between the past and present, which Kraning plumbs to find the repositories of cultural memory hidden within.

Fun fact Kraning’s 2011 short film Devil’s Gatea portrait of Pasadena’s Devil’s Gate Dam, will be premiering on the Fandor Vessel channel on December 17, and will hit the Fandor library on December 22. Don’t miss it!

To watch VinelandPort Noir 


Ashley Sabin

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At a glance From hurricanes to herds, this documentary heavyweight explores the choreography of the mundane, elevated to art

Filmmaker profile
Along with her longtime collaborator, fellow FIXer David Redmon, Sabin has created many award-winning documentaries (some of which you have probably already seen at a film festival or on television) brimming with nuance and lyricism. Nine of these collaborations are now available on Fandor, covering a range of subjects from Hurricane Katrina to seafood factories to rebellious livestock. Many of these films take a cinema verité approach to their subjects, letting the natural rhythms and harmonies of real life shine through their cinematic frame.

Fun fact Sabin and Redmon might be best known for their chilling, controversial look at the international modeling industry, Girl Model.

To watch Choreography, Night Labor 


Melinda Stone

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At a glance For this Bay Area media maker, movies are more than just art — they’re an event

Filmmaker profile
For Stone, the cultural conditions of the land are front and center, and Fandor is thrilled to be have six of her over twenty films now available for streaming! With wit and whimsy, her work celebrates the sustainable, DIY ethos of homesteading and the handmade. Stone organizes social functions (modeled after hootenannies of the past) around film screenings so that they include skill shares, pot-lucks, sing-a-longs, and other purposeful and cooperative revelry. In an era of “lifestyle styling”, full of Pinterest fails and Instagram envy, Stone’s films are a welcome and inspirational respite that will make you want to try out some new projects.

Fun fact Stone helped to found and currently directs the film projects for the extremely cool Center for Land Use Interpretation!

To watch Dandelion Wine, Sk8 Sisters on the Farm








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