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ICMYI-121115-stage2-blogThis week on Fandor: Breaking the mold, breaking the rules, breaking the floorboards and more. 

Even for us, who think every week at Fandor is a banner week for new titles, this has been an exciting one! Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson’s stupendously lauded, delirious and delightful fever dream The Forbidden Room is now available for streaming, as well as prolific indie director Nathan Silver‘s newest effort, the unconventional domestic drama Stinking Heaven. We released a Space Camp-themed  Spotlight that offers plenty of both space and camp, and a Criterion Picks collection full of secrets, lies, clues and crimes, including Lars von Trier’s first feature film, The Element of Crime. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

But these are just a fraction of the thirty films that we published this week, so lest your new favorite flick slip through the cracks, we’re here to round up just a few more of the highlights:

anemiccinemaOur library has been graced with a windfall of late in the form of early avant-garde shorts, including Anémic Cinéma, by one Rrose Selavy. Weird name, huh? Actually, Rrose Selavy is an alias for one of postmodern art’s most iconic figures: Marcel Duchamp! Another name you may recognize is that of the film’s cinematographer, famous surrealist Man Ray. This six-minute movie vacillates between hypnotizing spinners and French puns, but you really just have to see it to get the full effect. Give it a whirl!

dodgecityIf you’e looking for more straightforward cinema, why not try The Men of Dodge Citywhich features FIX filmmaker Zach Weintraub (a friend and frequent collaborator of the director) in a dramatic role as one of three friends who endeavor to renovate an old chapel into a multi-use arts space. It’s the contemporary American dream! Fans of mumblecore and/or the Pacific Northwest vibe (the director hails from Corvallis, Oregon) will especially dig it.

stage2Or maybe Stage Two, a short film about a boy coping (in his own way) with his mother’s cancer diagnosis, is more your style. Also brimming with Cascadia vibes, it traces the relationship between mother and son as both weather the storms of transition while inhabiting the same country of two and trying not to lose their minds. You can try not to tear up at the end.

gendernautAnd as always, we have tons of great documentaries to share, including two new to Fandor this week that explore the worlds between binaries. Gendernauts, though made over fifteen years ago, is still extremely relevant to current transgender visibility and rights issues. Plus, it includes insight from everyone’s favorite sex-positive performance artist, Annie Sprinkle! Warning: may cause sizable waves of nostalgia for Old San Francisco.

bithewayBy contrast, Bi the Way (who doesn’t love a good pun in a film title?) explores the politics and particulars of bisexual, ambisexual and pansexual attraction in the United States. The film is structured as an information-gathering road trip, with five real-life stories making up the tapestry of the plot. By the way (see what we did there?) it’s co-directed by FIXer Josephine Decker, whose more recent narrative works have garnered heaps of publicity and critical praise. Both of these films help fill in the spectrum of sexuality and gender in a way that you won’t find in today’s headlines.

With that, we’ll leave you to your own cinematic investigations. If these aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve got good news! Films are being added to our New Releases page every day, so don’t forget to keep checking the page for the latest updates, and we’ll be back next week with another roundup of our recent faves. Until then, happy watching!

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