In Case You Missed It


This week on Fandor: Minimalist fantasies, romantic catastrophes, cinematic anomalies, alternative histories and more!

Whether with loved ones in your home, alone in a moment of holiday calm or while traveling to celebrations near and far, movies are a great way to make the season bright. Every week, we add around thirty new films to the Fandor library, so we always take a minute to highlight a few great picks from each week’s releases. Here are a few of the titles that we’re most excited about right now:

theboxKanji Nakajima’s 2003 feature The Box (pictured in this week’s Featured Image) is a lyrical, highly stylized and totally original science fiction film. Like the work of Tarkovsky — to which it often draws comparisons— it must be given its space and attention, but the payoff is well worth it. Immerse yourself in its aesthetic poetics and philosophical proposals!

Un film d'Emmanuel Mouret, avec Emmanuel Mouret, Virginie Ledoyen, Julie Gayet, Michael Cohen, Stefano Accorsi, Frédérique Bel, Mélanie Mauran, Maria MadinierCompletely different, but certainly no less enjoyable: the frothy, brainy, exquisitely French romantic comedy Shall We Kiss? explores monogamy, temptation and entanglements of the heart with aplomb. Actor-director Emmanuel Mouret has been called “the cinematic offspring of Woody Allen and Eric Rohmer” by’s Jonathan F. Richards. Formidable!

scenemissingWe’re always adding more great nonfiction to the library, and this week is no exception. Scene Missing, by stalwart rogue director Alex Cox (of Repo Man and Sid and Nancy) is  a “making of” about Dennis Hopper’s never-released The Last Movie. That’s right. A “behind-the-scenes” of a movie that nobody’s ever seen. It’s gotta be seen to be believed.

historylessonAlso gotta be seen? LGBTQ film icon Barbara Hammer’s History Lessons! This irreverent exercise in appropriation is an alternative reading of pop culture, playing with themes of representation, alienation and other-ness. Made more than three decades into her prolific career, this experimental documentary represents Hammer at the height of her powers.

This is just a taste of our freshest film offerings, so don’t forget to check and see if anything else on our New Releases page stimulates your cinematic excitement! We’ll be back next week with a new roundup to help you wrap up your year in style. Until then, happy watching!


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