In Case You Missed It


This week on Fandor: Finish out the year with fantastic new films.

Welcome to the last Fandor weekly roundup of 2015! We’ve added thirty-three new titles to the library this week, which means even more ways to soothe your holiday hangover before your NYE festivities. Or, if you prefer to stay off of the roads and out of the crowds that night, we’ve got you covered for a full evening’s worth of truly excellent entertainment! Here are some of the highlights from our freshest batch of film goodness:

600x360_zeroMotivation_staplerZero Motivation
(which is pictured in this week’s main image) is a dark comedy brimming with shock and “awww” that takes a fresh, smart, irreverent look at military life. Stuck at a remote outpost while serving their mandatory two years in the Israeli Army, Zohar and Daffi do their best to make their own fun, while their superior, Rama, tries to “make her time count”. The hijinks may be reminiscent of Office Space or Workaholics, but the stakes are as high as in M*A*S*H and Orange is the New Black.

600x360_brownianMovement_rugWalkAnother great film about unique coping mechanisms? Brownian Movement, a strange, gentle drama that asks deep, sometimes uncomfortable questions about intimacy, trust, propriety, sexuality and love. In it, a doctor with a seemingly perfect family life risks it all for moments of sexual experimentation in a rented apartment, and when she is discovered, it puts her marriage to the ultimate test. While Zero Motivation is chock-full of slapstick and action, Brownian Movement is a thinking film, both for the characters and the viewer.

jagMore of a nonfiction movie maniac? Don’t miss Who is Henry Jaglom?, a documentary that will introduce you to the titular cinematic maverick and his unusual oeuvre. Often the star of his own films, and invested in making films about the female experience (whether motherhood, father-daughter dynamics or relationships with food), is Jaglom a fierce trailblazer or a self-obsessed “mansplainer”? For help deciding, hear what peers Orson Welles, Dennis Hopper and Peter Bogdanovich (among others) have to say on the matter, and then watch one of the three films directed by Jaglom that are streaming on Fandor.

eauxAnd finally, to quench the appetites of those with avant-garde tastes, we have plenty of new experimental works to enjoy — including a short by underground LGBTQ icon Kenneth Anger! Eaux D’artifice is just twelve minutes long, was filmed at an Italian villa and stars an actress who was recommended to him by none other than Frederico Fellini. If Fireworks (Feux d’artifice) was Anger’s study in repression and explosion, then this is its near-perfect stylistic and conceptual complement. Go ahead. Let it wash over you!

With that, we’ll leave you to your revelry, and see you in 2016. We can’t wait to share the fantastic flicks coming to you via our library next year, week by week. Until then, happy watching!


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