The First Featured FIXers of the Year are Here!

Fandor-FIX-1-8-16_2Meet the five contemporary filmmakers highlighted as part of our FIX initiative. 

Happy 2016 to FIX! Our FIX initiative is all about celebrating and promoting the independent storytellers working today and these five filmmakers are exemplary models of that ideal: all are driven by the stories that move them, and the passion for those stories is what shapes the incredible films they make. Why don’t we take a minute to get to know them?

Lara Jean Gallagher

At a glance A native Pennsylvanian who brings whose film work is influenced by her rural upbringing, eschewing blockbuster-scale fare for powerful stories of intimacy and dysfunction in the family unit

Filmmaker profile 
Recently graduated with honors from Columbia University where she achieved a Master’s in directing, Gallagher has made music videos for super-cool bands like Wild Flag (fronted by Corin Tucker, formerly of Sleater-Kinney) and films about the ways a life-threatening diagnosis affects loved ones. Her elegant tearjerker of a short film, Stage Two, which is now available on Fandor, is a beautiful and offbeat version of the former.

Fun fact Gallagher is currently working on a feature film far from the palm trees of Hollywood, under the rainy evergreen canopy of Portland, Oregon! And since IFP (Independent Filmmaker Project) named her one of their 2015 Emerging Storytellers, we’re pretty confidently looking forward to it.

Benjamin Murray and Alysa Nahmias

At a glance A jack-and-jill-of-all-trades collaborative team who worked together to create a powerful comment on art and politics

Filmmaker profile 
Nahmias and Murray met while undergraduates at NYU, and their shared passion for the story of Cuba’s National Art Schools — the vision of the three revolutionary architects hired by Castro to build a showcase for creativity, the tragedy of the school’s fall to ruins and the incredible opportunity of redemption, decades later — fueled them as they co-created Unfinished Spaces, which in turn has gone on to achieve multiple accolades including an Independent Spirit Award and the Society of Architects and Historians (SAH) Award for Film and Video. Unfinished Spaces was a recent Fandor #filmoftheweek and is available for streaming right now.

Fun fact Both Murray and Nahmias wear other hats in the industry: Nahmias as a producer (she helped produce Fandor doc Afternoon of a Faun) and Murray as a sought-after colorist and VFX artist with clients like Martin Scorsese and Michael Moore. Nahmias is also an architect-in-training. It’s no surprise that her passion for this discipline inspired her filmmaking practice!

David Redmon

At a glance One-half of a prolific documentary duo bringing their worldly perspective to bear on compelling stories of the everyday struggle, both close to and far from home

Filmmaker profile 
Redmon, along with his longtime collaborator and fellow FIXer Ashley Sabin, has created many award-winning documentaries (some of which you have probably already seen at a film festival or on television) brimming with nuance and lyricism. Nine of these collaborations are now available on Fandor, covering a range of subjects from Hurricane Katrina to seafood factories to rebellious livestock. Many of these films take a cinema verité approach to their subjects, letting the natural rhythms and harmonies of real life shine through their cinematic frame. We recommend Night Labor, pictured above, a meditation on labor that takes a truly transformative look at the mundane.

Fun fact Sabin and Redmon might be best known for their chilling, controversial look at the international modeling industry, Girl Model.

G. Anthony Svatek

At a glance A conceptualist and craftsman investigating the untold stories of our stuff

Filmmaker profile 
Svatek has, through his explorations of humans’ relationships with their environments, championed the buried, the invisible and the forgotten. His films Early 12 New York Song (pictured above) and As You Pass By, both of which were made in collaboration with fellow FIXer Amanda Katz, use man-made systems and objects to talk about abstract issues, tying identity, time and impermanence back to the legacy of things we leave in our wakes.

Fun fact Svatek was raised in the Austrian Alps but now resides in New York City, which just might account for his deep and poetic investiture in the ecosystem of the urban landscape.

We hope you enjoy the works of these latest featured FIXers! Happy watching, and stay tuned, because we have more great FIX content coming very, very soon.


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