In Case You Missed It

ICMYI-020516-dancingdreamsThis week on Fandor: Dancing, Scheming, Chasing, Dreaming and Fighting the Powers That Be. 

Happy weekend, everyone! Here on Planet Fandor, there are thirty-two new releases to celebrate, and we know it can be hard to keep track of everything we have available for streaming (especially since there new films are constantly being added to the library). That’s why we like to take a moment every week to highlight a few films that may have slipped through the cracks, which as you’ll soon see is no testament to their (impressive) quality. Here are just some of the titles that we’re most excited about this week:

dancingdreamsAre you a stranger to the work of modern dance legend Pina Bausch? That’s okay. So were the forty teenagers she cast to dance her 2009 piece Contact Zone. The bringing together of these young bodies and minds to create a work of art is depicted in the documentary Dancing Dreams (pictured in this week’s featured image). Or, who knows? Maybe you are die-hard fan, or saw Wim Wenders’ biopic Pina and are jones-ing for more. This film features the last interview Bausch gave before her death, and shows her in the role of muse and artist-philosopher, a fitting capstone to her acclaimed career. It’s also a fascinating look at a young generation grappling with the conceptual and physical demands of a performance unlike anything they’ve ever done or seen. Plus, the dancing is breathtaking. Just incredible to behold. Don’t just take our word for it, though:Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.33.41 PM

SiddharthSiddharth is the emotional and inspiring story of a zipper repairman journeying across his native India to rescue his young son, thought to be kidnapped after being sent to work in a distant factory. This simple premise is elegantly executed, illuminating the multifarious struggles of India’s working poor in way that embraces complexity and never resorts to easy or moralizing answers. It’s also a heart-wrenching tribute to the power of a parent’s love.

childsposeChild’s Pose is likewise about the lengths a parent will go to protect their kin, but in this case it’s a mother’s machinations to keep her adult son out of prison after he causes a fatal automobile accident. It’s both a stunning feat of neorealism that skewers Romania’s contemporary Bourgeoisie, and a character study of a matriarch who won’t take no for an answer. Says Dana Stevens of Slate, “It’s well worth seeing, both for its merciless anatomization of the country’s post-Ceausescu social order and for Gheorghiu’s stupendous central performance as a mother so monstrous she makes Medea look like a pushover.” But seriously, have the Romanians even heard of the Affluenza Mom?

uprisingAnd finally, Uprising captures the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 (can you believe it’s been five years since the Arab Spring?) from the perspective of its leadership and participants, giving context to the conditions that bred unrest in the country for so long before boiling over into massive, violent revolt. It also documents the tactics of protestors, including the unprecedented and strategic use of social media to plan actions. The revolution may not be televised, but it certainly will be tweeted.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that our New Releases page is just chock full of fresh film offerings (just in case none of these picks happen to float your movie boat), and that as always, we’ll be back next week with plenty of great new films and news to share. Until then, happy watching! We hope you find the perfect film, whatever that may mean to you.


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