A Sharp, Stylish, Scorchingly Funny Feature


Get acquainted with this acclaimed Canadian movie, now in theaters and on Fandor. 

Although possibly a real-life “star is born story” for its lead actress, July Talk singer Leah (Fay) Goldstein, our recent #filmoftheweek Diamond Tongues (now playing in select U.S. theaters after premiering at Slamdance last year) is a delicious twist on the ingenue tropediamondTongues_grocery. Filmed on a shoestring in the artsy milieu of Toronto, it depicts a close-knit and vibrant scene of up-and-comers that has turned one young woman very sour. It’s a testament to the talents of the directors and lead that we so love watching this antiheroine spiral.

Directors Pavan Moondi and Brian Robertson recently spoke to Filmmaker Magazine about the project, their history of collaborating and mixing strategically planned setups with agile, often guerilla shooting enhanced with diamondTongues_sceneexpressionistic color and lighting. They also discuss the unflinchingly hard-to-like quality of their main character and how Goldstein’s layered, charismatic performance brings bitter, barely-working actress Edith to life from the page.


For more from the directors, don’t miss their recent Keyframe interview! They elaborate on the film’s creation process, non-hierarchical film sets and the movie’s varied influences — stay tuned for more in an upcoming installment of Filmmaking Under the Influence.


What’s next for this team? Moondi and Robertson are hard at work on their next feature, and Goldstein is in the studio recording a new album with her rock band.

Needless to say, we’re eagerly anticipating both. Until then, catch Diamond Tongues on-screen and find out what all the fuss is about!




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