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This week on Fandor: Concerts in the Wilderness, Revolution at the Movie Theater, Chaos at the Barbecue and More! 

oonaBy now, you may have noticed that for the month of March (Women’s History Month), we’ve been celebrating female filmmakers and highlighting their work — you can follow along via our Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the goods on a new filmmaker every day — as well as adding tons of new female-made films to the Fandor library. Half of this week’s New Releases were directed by women, four by vanguard experimental filmmaker Gunvor Nelson. Personal and poetic, Nelson’s gorgeous, handcrafted films deal with memory and identity in powerful and provocative ways. We’re thrilled to have so many of her early works, like My Name is Oona and Schmeerguntz, now streaming. Another incredible female Fandor filmmaker, Lynne Sachs, wrote some great words on Nelson over on her blog – check it out!

Of course, these films are only a fraction of this week’s new movie haul — all in all, we’ve added twenty-four new films to the library. Lest some of these great titles slip through the cracks, we’ve rounded up a few of the standouts for your viewing and queuing pleasure. Who knows, one of them may just be your next favorite film…

seainbetweenThe Sea in Between (featured in this week’s main image) is a unique and positively heartwarming music documentary that follows a musician and his journey to a remote Canadian island to record a full, live audio-visual album with the help of some very dedicated fans. It’s a testament to the beauty of nature and art in harmony, as well as the power of art to bring people together.

barbecueBarbecue is the story of upper-middle-class friends undergoing various stages of mid-life crisis, and Antoine in particular, who has lived his whole life by the book. When all that living on the safe side gets him is a heart attack for his fiftieth birthday, he decides to shake things up a bit. Leave it to the French to make bourgeoise dysfunction so fun to watch!

stickywicketSticky Wicket is the twenty-sixth feature from the fiercely independent, charmingly irreverent and stunningly prolific Rick Schmidt, about a rogue band of lady croquet players mounting a massive insurgency to protect their beloved neighborhood arthouse theater from corporate takeover. Will these mallet-wielding women triumph over “big movie money?”

summpercampAnd finally, if you’ve been yearning to return to a simpler (and warmer) time, Summercamp!, a documentary by Bradley Beesley and Sarah Price, will take you there Thanks to the magic of cinema, you can live vicariously through the adventures of intrepid young campers as they learn about themselves and the world around them. Beesley is perhaps best known for his work with The Flaming Lips, who also created the soundtrack for this film.

These are just a quarter of the films that we released this week — there are plenty more new titles to browse and discover over on our New Releases page. After all, we don’t want to have all of the fun for you! Happy watching, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us through ratings and reviews! We truly are lucky to have the smartest, coolest community of film fans around.





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