Female Filmmakers, in Focus

Thirty-one days, thirty-one directors, one awesome Women’s History Month on Fandor. 

If you’ve been following Fandor on Facebook and Twitter, you may already know that we’ve been highlighting a different female filmmaker every day this month. From groundbreaking foremothers to contemporary boundary-pushers, each day we’ve filled our feeds with fun facts about a different director. So far, we’ve celebrated the work of:

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Alice Guy-Blaché * Sasha Litvintseva * Claire Denis * Chantal Akerman * Ani Simon-Kennedy * Lina Wertmüller * Suzan Pitt * Dominga Sotomayor * Azadeh Navai * Kelly Reichardt * Amy Seimetz * Agnes Varda * Lily Baldwin * Gillian Horvat * Josephine Decker * Kat Candler * Sari Gilman * Lynne Sachs * Sophia Takal * Karissa Hahn * Megan Griffiths * Jenni Olson * Lendita Zeqiraj * Nina Davenport * Ida Lupino * Laura Poitras

That’s a pretty impressive selection of auteurs, and it’s even more impressive to see see them all together in one place!

Psst! This will really brighten up your cubicle or make a great wallpaper for your desktop or mobile device! Click to download.

Who is still to come in the last week of March? You’ll have to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out! We hope you enjoy the day-by-day reveals. And, we hope you watch some of the dozens (and dozens) of great films by these diverse and impressive directors. From all of us here at Fandor, happy Women’s History Month!



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