In Case You Missed It

icymi_storyOfHardLuckThis week on Fandor: Films that will rock you like a hurricane and have you feeling (and seeing) the noise.

If there’s one thing that characterizes life on Planet Fandor, other than a constantly renewing state of wonder, it’s (at times) overwhelming abundance: With literally dozens of new films hitting our library each week, we never have trouble finding something to watch. In fact, lest some of these amazing new movies slip under the radar, we like to round up a few titles each week that have caught our eye. Who knows? Maybe this handy guide can help you find your next source of viewing pleasure:

foreverandadayOur selection of music documentaries is already stellar, and we continue to add tons of band profiles, musician biopics and concert films. This week is no exception, and it’s sure to please those who love heavier, weirder and noisier types of tune-age! For example,  Forever and a Day, which follows German rockers (the) Scorpions.

You know, these guys:

We also recently acquired The Story of the Hard Luck 5 (pictured in this week’s featured image), which traces the band Rye Coalition’s start in the new “emo” scene of the 1990s, from basement shows and cramped tour vans to opening spots for the likes of the Mars Volta and the Foo Fighters. Even if you’re not aware of their story, their perseverance and determination is sure to inspire.

colorofnoiseIf you’re looking for something yet edgier, well, we’ve got you covered: You can go deep underground with The Color of Noise and meet the fearless independents that started, and signed to, Amphetamine Reptile Records. In the 80’s and 90s, when radio stations were focusing on commercially friendly punk and the new stirrings of grunge, AmRep founder Haze XXL was assembling a killer roster of rule-breakers (even while he was serving in the Marine corps). As Vice’s music blog Noisey puts it, “If you wanted to get punched in the face visually and aurally you picked up an AmRep release.” Among their repped artists? The Melvins, Boss Hog and the Cosmic Psychos, a no-holds-barred Aussie import that gets their own spotlight in new release Blokes You Can Trust

rhythmus21While it’s certainly a great week for movies about bands, other amazing movie goodness abounds! Art lovers and experimental film buffs alike are sure to be taken in by the spell of Rhythmus 21, an experiment by Dada movement luminary Hans Richter. Richter, who was a contemporary of Duchamp, Dali and Cocteau, played with film when it was still a brand-new means of expression. This three-minute marvel just happens to be one of the first examples of abstract animation!

hasardWe’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention two brand new offerings from French experimental filmmaker and animator Patrick Bokanowski. Though Au part du hasard was made in 1984 and Le rêve éveillé  was made in 2003, they are both fascinating and intimate portraits of masters at work — in the former, it is painter Henri Dimier, and in the latter, psychoanalyst Colette Aboulker-Muscat. 

There are also new films publishing every single day, so if none of these movies strike a chord, so to speak, there’s always something (or several somethings) new to try. And of course, we’ll be back next week with more fresh titles and exciting news to share. Until then, happy watching!


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