Get Familiar with the Films of Jeanne C. Finley!


Eighteen stellar works by this multifaceted auteur are now streaming on Fandor. 

Over the weekend, we hit the experimental and documentary motherlode, people: Fandor’s library now contains a fantastic catalogue of works by interdisciplinary media artist Jeanne C. Finley! Most of the eighteen new releases clock in at under fifteen minutes, and each is a bite-sized story that will draw you in and keep you rapt with its magical juxtapositions and compelling images.

FalseworkPart of her collection on Fandor includes her work with longtimemanhole452 collaborator (and former student) John Muse, like Falsework (about San Francisco’s Presidio Park pet cemetery) and Manhole 452 (a fictionalized narrative centering around one of the most overlooked features of the urban environment). You can watch her earliest forays from photography into time-based art, Deaf Dogs Can Hear and I Saw Jesus in a Tortilla, as well as recent short Fat Chanceisawjesusinatortilla, and lots of genre-defying, definition-eliding gems in between. For more on Finley’s films, philosophy and process, straight from the source, you don’t want to miss her interview with Robert Avila over on
Keyframe. We’d love to hear what you think of her movies!

This guy already let us know:
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 4.02.06 PM


Happy watching!



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