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ICMYI-042216-TheConsequence-blog-1This week on Fandor: Films that affirm love, break the rules, blow your mind and capture a zeitgeist.

It’s been a special week here at Fandor! Though we are collectively mourning the world’s tremendous loss (of course we miss Prince, we have eyes, ears and hearts, don’t we?), the proverbial show must go on. And this week, we’ve been given plenty to distract us from our five stages of Prince-related grief — namely, three holidays at once!

April 20 marked National Canadian Film Day, which we celebrated with a list of Canada-tastic films made by Canadian filmmakers and often depicting Canadian locales and historic events. Even if you missed the actual day, you can still celebrate with us, eh? Sore-y not sore-y. img_canadianFilm

The same goes for the other holiday that occurs on 4/20! You know the one we mean. Stay elevated with our awesome (like, truly, literally awesome) Mind Trips Spotlight.



And then, of course (last but certainly not least) there’s Earth Day (4/22) — check out our Down to Earth collection for inspiration on how we can improve our stewardship of this giant green and blue marble we call home, even as the anthropocene comes knocking down our collective door.

In addition to putting this seasonal curation into heavy rotation, we’re also excited to welcome a trio of films addressing the gay experience from three very specific points of view and points in time:

The Consequence (source of this week’s main image up top) was one of the first gay films to come otheconsequenceut (so to speak) of Europe, back when there was still an East and West Germany. Based on true events (adapted from an autobiographical novel), the film tells the story of a teenage boy who falls in love with a man behind bars in his father’s prison. When the man is freed, they embark on a romance that proves anything but idyllic. This film is a must-see for connoisseurs of gay cinema or for those who want to know how movies can start a wider cultural conversation, because that’s exactly what this somewhat incendiary piece of celluloid did.

theoradtoloveThe Road to Love is about a young man’s quest to find gay muslims and document their lives for a school sociology project. But what starts as an academic line of inquiry becomes blurred by the stirrings of desire. Made to mimic the immediacy of a home movie, it’s a fascinating take on the intricacies of North African culture and the homosexual subculture within it.

thespacebetweenAnd last but certainly not least, Michael Wallin‘s The Space Between our Bodies documents the San Francisco gay scene before the specter of AIDS descended, in all of its explicit glory. Featuring real places, real hunger, real alienation and real sex, they just don’t make ’em quite like this anymore.

These three films are all about sex,  and the tricky, slippery, sometimes dangerous nature of desire. It seems almost fitting that they reached Planet Fandor just as one of history’s sexiest and sex-positive icons left Planet Earth. If you are still looking to distract yourself from the grief, we’ve got about 8,000 ways (eighteen of which are brand new this week) to try. And don’t worry! We’ll be back next week with even more to share. Just keep calm and stream on.






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