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ICYMI-FacingTheStorm-blogThis week on Fandor: From the plains of Montana to the punk clubs of Knoxville and far, far (really far) beyond!

It’s been another exciting week here at Fandor, and we’ve got a lot of great things to share with you as it draws to a close. Here’s the latest and greatest, our weekly dispatch from Planet Fandor to all of you film lovers out there in the universe:

img_worldCineAtlasWith the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival just around the corner, we’ve all been craving movies with an international perspective. From emerging global incubators to established cinematic hotspots, we’re excited to share our Alternative Guide to World Cinema! This gorgeous online publication matches films to locations and points in history, and will take you all over the planet (and back in time) in just thirty films.

img_joeyIzzo_iWasThereTooWe’ve also got a brand new FIXshort in the works, by way of FIX filmmaker Joey Izzo (director of the darkly, dryly funny shorts Stepsister and Chuck’s Chicken). We are helping Izzo raise the funds for his next project, about a down-on-his luck dad who sees opportunity in proclaiming victimhood. I Was There Too is, in Izzo’s own words, “like Uncle Buck meets Caché.” Uh, sold. Check out Izzo’s Kickstarter campaign, because contributors get free months of Fandor.

And those free months will soon be available even more widely! As Variety reported this week, Fandor will be offered on the streaming platform Xumo! We’re thrilled to bring our fantastic films to Xumo’s collection of premium channels, and with content from the likes of The Young Turks, Saveur and The A.V. Club, we’re in very good company. Just one small step on our path towards total world domination!

Stay with us, now — we haven’t even covered our New Releases yet. We get dozens of new titles into the library each week, so we use our weekly roundups to highlight a couple of movies that may have been missed in the haul. Here are two documentaries that caught our eye:

facingthestormOnce they thundered in massive herds across the Great Plains, and now? A culture built on interdependence with nature has been forever changed by the American Bison’s near-extinction. Documentary feature Facing the Stormdirected by Doug Hawes-Davis, traces this cataclysm. Hawes-Davis has been making documentaries in the Great Plains region (specifically Montana, and often with his collaborator Drury Gunn Carr) since 1992. This is the latest addition to Fandor’s collection of this work, which often deals with the fraught and evolving relationship between humans and nature.

rebelscumThe Dirty Works are a Knoxville “psycho white-trash punk band” that have been busting the buckles of the Bible Belt since 2004. Their performances are punctuated by frontman Christopher Scum’s antics of self-harm, sometimes at the hands of brass knuckles. Did we mention that this is not a mockumentary? Rebel Scum follows the titular maniac over two years of dysfunction, drugs and real-life rock n’ roll. This rock doc has a tragic postscript: In June of 2015, Scum was involved in a fiery multi-car crash that claimed the life of his beloved wife and dog and left him with burns on over 30% of his body. The silver lining is how the music community of Knoxville has banded together to put on benefit shows to help support him through this next chapter of life.

In other Planet Fandor news, we celebrated two pretty important birthdays this week: Orson Welles‘ 101st and Audrey Hepburn‘s 87th! If you feel like marking these occasions, we recommend “Welles 101: The Enigmatic Independent”, an excellent article published over on Keyframe, as well as Gregg Biermann’s Emergent Phenomena, a short-and-sweet kaleidoscopic re-sampling of Citizen KaneOh, and here’s a GIF of a barely-old-enough-to-drink Hepburn, in one of her very first onscreen roles as “hotel receptionist” in One Wild Oat:

We all start somewhere!

With that, we’ll leave you until next week, when we’ll hear from our favorite Fandor film blogger Colin Healey and serve you up a fresh and heaping serving of brand new cinema. Until then, happy watching!

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