Fandor on Xumo: New Platforms, New Devices, Fantastic Films

fandor-on-xumo-altWe’re from Planet Fandor — Take us to your Smart TV!

If you own a new LG, Panasonic or Vizio smart TV, then you may already be enjoying Xumo, the new premium on-demand content platform that comes standard — and built in— on all of these models moving forward. Now without a dongle or box in sight, you can enjoy a selection of videos by all of the content creators you love, from Buzzfeed to Saveur (because let’s face it: you want to believe you can cook Zagat-worthy meals even while you laugh at other people’s “Pinterest fails”), and now Fandor has joined the mix!

Xumo’s Fandor channel gives you instant access to a hand-picked collection of independent and underground movies — for free! Whether you want to settle in with a feature film or catch a quick short before channel-hopping, there’s a little something for everyone, and it’s all streaming 24/7.

Xumo is now standard on nearly 20 million devices, and the plan is to go mobile in the near future (on both Android and iOS devices). Wherever Xumo is, we’ll be there too. And we’re looking forward to introducing you to these amazing movies! The Fandor Picks we’ve programmed for Xumo in June 2016 are, and we’re not kidding around here, some of North America’s most awesome contemporary independent and underground films:


sundontshineSun Don’t Shine, the revelatory neo-noir feature debut from Jane-of-all-trades wunderkind Amy Seimetz, who you may know from Upstream Color or as the writer/director of Starz reboot The Girlfriend ExperienceSun Don’t Shine stars indie It-People Kate Lyn Sheil and Kentucker Audley, as well as the great state of Florida.

birdnowBob Birdnow’s Remarkable Tale of Human Survival and the Transcendence of Self is more than just a movie with one of the longest titles in our library, it’s a deconstructed motivational speech, a cinematic adaptation of a one-man-show and so, so much more. Experimental, sometimes uncomfortable but ultimately well worth the ride, Bob Birdnow’s Remarkable Tale of Human Survival and the Transcendence of Self will make you a believer.

crimesagainstDeliciously dark Crimes Against Humanity skewers the ivory tower and academia, which should come as no surprise for those already acquainted with the snarky brilliance of Jerzy Rose. A beloved mainstay of the Chicago cinema scene, Rose is also no stranger to the film festival circuit. Crimes Against Humanity is sure scratch your itch for biting satire!

likelovePoignant coming-of-age-in-the-big-city story It Felt Like Love manages to bottle the
awkwardness and immediacy of adolescent sexual awakening in a clear-eyed and atmospheric that is never condescending to its subjects. You won’t find any idealism in It Felt Like Love, which is why it will probably strike a deep chord with anyone who has struggled through their post-pubescent reckoning (and if that’s not you, congrats on dodging one heck of a bullet).

handshakeThe Guatemalan Handshake is as charming as it is weird, earning descriptors like “fugue”, “crazy-quilt” and “idiosyncratic”. Populated by unforgettable characters that brazenly original director Todd Rohal treats with plenty of heart and a heavy dose of odd logic, The Guatemalan Handshake (which was Rohal’s first feature after a series of quirky and sometimes polarizing shorts) still holds up a decade after its release in an increasingly absurd media landscape.

animalprojctHow far would you go for a creative, emotional or intellectual breakthrough? In The Animal Project, a community theater troupe embarks on a quixotic and bizarre quest for transformation, with unanticipated consequences and unexpected results  The Animal Project was made by fiercely independent filmmaker Ingrid Veninger, the woman behind Canada’s scrappy and ambitious pUNK Films, and it is guaranteed to give your heartstrings a mighty tug.

trackingWarning: Watching Adjust Your Tracking may cause a sudden, inexplicable urge to race to Goodwill and buy up their entire stock of videotapes! Documenting the rise, fall and stubborn persistence of a format that just won’t die, this nonfiction delight will take you back to a time long before Fandor, when you went to a store, browsed some racks, chatted up the clerks and held your favorite movies in your hands. If you don’t understand any of this, you may be a child of the Internet! So let’s put it another way: This is where the best GIFs come from.


These movies both clock in at under fifteen minutes for your bite-sized viewing pleasure!

boyfriendMy Daughter’s Boyfriend finds filmmaker Joey Izzo, who puts the “fun” in “family dysfunction”, bending the coming-of-age trope of youthful sexual experimentation through the lens of a protective (perhaps a teeny, tiny bit too much so) mother. But mother knows best, right? It’s for her daughter’s own good, right?

discontinuiyDiscontinuity is about the slippage that can happen in a long-distance relationship, when time apart becomes moments lost and timelines interrupted. Lori Felker‘s first narrative effort (she’s been in the experimental scene for years) is as surreal as it is charming. Plus, there’s cats. A lot of cats.


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