In Case You Missed It

This week on Fandor: Celebrating LGBTQ cinema with unwavering pride. 

Because the least we can do is amplify LGBTQ voices during this month-long holiday and in the face of forces that would seemingly silence and destroy. Film affirms. Film transcends. Film outlasts. Film overcomes. Film offers, for many, an entry point into the lives of others. As we enter the last half of Pride month with hearts broken by recent acts of unimaginable violence and violations of safe space, but our spirits intact and our heads held high, we return to film as a way to champion these stories, these identities, these lives and the power of love:

Spotlight on Queer People of Color
The powerful lyricism of Marlon Riggs in Tongues Untied and the chimeric charisma of Jason Holliday in Portrait of Jason are just the tip of the iceberg: from Asia to the Middle East and Brooklyn to Brazil, these films hold space for the wildly diverse experience of QPOC around the world. Don’t miss Queer China, ‘Comrade’ China or Woubi Cheri or any of the other amazing films (both narrative and documentary) in this collection. Bookmark it. Return to it in moments of indecision over what to watch next. Just a gentle recommendation…

The Rainbow Flag of Film
Did you know that each color in the Pride flag stands for a different value in the LGBTQ experience?

Red is Life; Orange is Healing; Yellow is Sunlight; Green is Nature; Blue is Serenity; Violet is Spirit. This video shows how these values shine onscreen in films depicting LGBTQ life.

The Alt Guide to LGBTQ Cinema
This e-book by Keyframe’s Dennis Harvey invites us along for a historical survey of the ways in which queer cinema has existed within and alongside experimental, underground, avant-garde and exploitation genres. With chapters like “The Lusty Closet” and “Love: Uncompromisingly Complicated”, he surfaces delicious and divergent treats like Chained Girls, Damned if You Don’t and Keep the Lights On. It’s the perfect melding of the scholarly and steamy, for today’s discerning and desirous viewer! For a quickie bonus, check out the Timeline of Underground Queer Cinema infographic, as well.

Spotlight on the L List
Cheryl Dunye. Barbara Hammer. Jenni Olson. Su Friedrich. Get to know these and other lesbian filmmakers as they bring their wide-ranging experiences to bear on funny, revealing, touching and emotional movies (and see some non-lesbian filmmakers take on the lesbian experience, as well). Our newest Spotlight collection, released just this week, is a scintillating survey of sapphic cinema, from Edie and Thea to She Mob (and back).

MLK Jr. once famously quoted, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that.” This week, we’re using the light of our televisions, tablets and computers to cast a glow of acknowledgment, through cinema that uplifts the voices of the LGBTQ community. Let that light shine this week, and we wish you happy watching.


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