In Case You Missed It

icymi-myamericaThis week on Fandor: Which America Is It, Anyway?

myamerica1A few Independence Days ago, Fandor was lucky enough to premiere My America, a collection of fifty monologues written by as many lauded playwrights and performed for none other than director Hal Hartley. The project’s prompt was the question “What is my America?”, and therein lies the beauty of both this movie and our country: It is vast, and full of diverse experiences that together make up the rich tapestry of our national identity. For an Independence Day holiday during the tumult of an election year, it seems fitting to revisit that collection as we consider the many different ways in which people think about and claim ownership of the USA.

We also made this behemoth of a “Fifty Nifty United States”-themed movie list to mark our nation’s 240th birthday. We’re sorry if you have that song stuck in your head now, we really are. From the meekspseudo-juggalos of Hellaware down to
Florida’s River of Grass and up and over to The Great Northwest, we’re taking a mighty and meandering cinematic road trip that explores expected and unexpected corners of the country. You’ll find both the epic Meek’s Cutoff and the Deep South documentary The Other Side, plus plenty, plenty more, if you decide to come along for the ride. With that, we’ll leave you to your revelry of this 240th birthday celebration. When the barbecue grills have cooled and every firework has been set off, we hope you enjoy some of these many American voices on film, but in the meantime, we hope you and yours enjoy a happy and safe Fourth of July! We can’t wait to share more great movies with you soon.


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