This week on Fandor: New FIXShorts are Coming!


Plus, celebrating the legacy of a late legend, a Spotlight that strips down to beat the heat and more (in case you missed it). 

Here at Fandor, it’s no secret that we have a soft spot in our hearts for short film. That’s why our FIXshorts program is so near and dear to us — we help bring new shorts from some of our favorite independent filmmakers into the world! Our last round of FIXshorts, like Lori Felker‘s critically adored Discontinuityare just starting to hit the library now, so it seems like a fitting time to introduce a new set of directors and their fabulous, fascinating projects:

kisskissfingerbangKiss Kiss Fingerbang director Gillian Horvat is back with Whiskey Fist, another unflinching adult fairy tale that, in her words, “uses absurd and vulgar comedy to probe the sensitive social sphincter holding back a much-needed dialogue on the obstacles to empathy between genders.” Have you ever wondered what would happen if men could get pregnant? It probably didn’t look like Horvat’s twisted magical realism! This project is still in its fundraising stage, which means you can still contribute to the Kickstarter campaign and receive free months of Fandor for you or your favorite film lovers. There’s only a few days left though, so act fast!

stepsisterJoey Izzo is the creator of Chuck’s Chicken, My Daughter’s Boyfriend and Stepsister (which stars comedian Brent Weinbach in a pleasantly surprising turn), three films about the extraordinary lengths to which some “ordinary” people will go to get their way. His new project, I Was There, Toocontinues this theme with an intensely topical twist. In a plot that feels ripped from the headlines in all of the right ways, troubled dad Darius lies about surviving a mass shooting in order to get a fresh start with the family he keeps letting down. Says Izzo, “This film refutes tonal levity and superficial jokes. Instead, laughter comes as a nervous reflex to the stirring feelings of anxiety, pain, and self-imposed guilt.” It’s already been funded successfully on Kickstarter, and needless to say we can’t wait to get this film into the library.

There are also FIXshorts projects in the works from Friday Mosque director Azadeh Navai and Our Nixon director Penny Lane, so stay tuned for more on Navai’s The Yellow Curtain and Lane’s The Pain of Others. And we’ll have more FIXshorts and features to share very, very soon!

In other Fandor news, we’d like to share a two-part tribute to the recently-departed Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarostami, whose cinema gave us a window into both a complex nation and a singular mind. As part of the handful of video essays released on Keyframe this week, Kevin B. Lee wrestles with condensing the artwork of a director that refused to shrink his attention span to fit the media-saturated times:

And Tope Ogundare celebrates Kiarostami’s cinematic “vehicle” of choice:

nakedsummerAs depressing as it is that there will be no more movies from Kiarostami to examine, we want to try and send you out of this roundup on a high note. That’s why we’ve saved the news of our latest Spotlight collection for last! Skinny dippers, sun bathers, and saucy minxes abound, and no sunscreen is required to enjoy these cheeky (and NSFW) gems.

With that, we’ll be back next week with more fun films to share, and we can’t wait to give you more updates on all things movies. Until then, we wish you very happy watching!








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