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ICMYI-071316-SportThis week on Fandor: Deep Cuts, Cats and Dogs, Celebrity Birthdays and More!

Every week, we add dozens of new releases to the Fandor library. Sometimes, some of these films will be by the same director, but we can often only feature one of them on our home page or in our newsletter. So for this week’s roundup we thought it’d be fun to look at some of the “B Sides”, as we’re calling them, of the week: films released by a featured director that may have slipped under your radar!

bunnyprojThe first filmmaker we want to highlight is Ingrid Veninger, the fierce free spirit behind Canada’s pUNK Films and the brains behind our film of the week, He Hated PigeonsAlong with this release, we’re also happy to welcome accompanying short films The Bunny Project (pictured at left), which is similar in its setup to her wonderfully strange and touching feature The Animal Project, and Everything is Love and Fear, a family drama in the same vein asher later films Only and ModraBonus: Veninger’s Urda/Bone, which is five minutes of lyrically layered footage about two strangers whose timelines have collapsed onscreen.

sportWe also have three new short films by experimental animator Matt Reynolds this week, and each one is a juicy morsel of an alternate world that always leaves us wanting more, in the best way possible. His bleak-but-beautiful Bottom Feeders and Sport in the Land of Plenty (featured in this week’s leading image, above, and to the right) are surreal, unpredictable landscapes of fantasy. The Rescue Party, about a group of well-meaning scouts, has more grounding in the everyday, but all three operate with discreet, fully-formed and ridiculously compelling aesthetics.

holdFinally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our other new releases by Frank Mosley, whose haunting and lovely Her Wilderness was our previous Film of the Week. We are also now streaming Mosley’s tense, dark domestic drama Hold (pictured left), as well as short film Two Story, a parallel narrative that pairs quite nicely, in fact, with Urda/Bone.

nightafternightAside from these exciting new releases, we also have two more reasons to celebrate: the birthdays of the esteemed Sir Patrick Stewart and Catherine Breillat were both this week! Breillat is a director perhaps best known for her frank depictions of sexuality in films like Sleeping Beauty, Romance and Fat Girl, but we recommend the Fandor “deep cuts” of Dirty Like an Angel and Night After Night (pictured right), of course! As for Mr. Stewart, he lends his (considerable) gravitas to the voiceover for The Plague Dogs, which also happens to be in this weeks “Cats and Dogs” SpotlightThe Plague Dogs is a dark film, make no mistake, and it will probably make you sad (as will Wendy and Lucy, also part of this 600x200_spotlight_catsAndDogsweek’s Spotlight), but “Cats and Dogs” is also chock full of furry fun. So take a gander at the films we curated into this special collection, and get ready for some serious “shock and awww”!

With that, we’ll leave you until next week, when we’ll be back with more exciting news from Planet Fandor (including a special announcement). Until then, happy watching!

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