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icymi-politicsThis Week on Fandor: We’re Talking Politics (Then, Now, Here and Way, Way Out There)!

ournixonThis has been a very special election season in many ways, hasn’t it? At the same time, it’s also in many ways been “business as usual”. The United States has a complicated political history that proves time and time again how truth is stranger than fiction and how politics can make for some strange bedfellows and even stranger enemies, indeed. To mark the nominating conventions — and all of their pageantry, spectacle and pomp —taking place this week in Cleveland and Philadelphia, respectively, Fandor’s Creative Director Michael Read put together this “American Politics”-themed movie list! Says Michael,

Encapsulating the last 100 years of American politics, this movie list includes a fascinating mix of documentaries (plus one uproarious political satire) that, together, capture our nation’s unique and often dysfunctional approach to governance.

Watching these films may give you hope or perhaps frighten you deeply, depending on how you look at them, but one thing is for certain: This collection will remind you that American politics have never, ever been idyllic or ideal. Even before social media, the twenty-four-hour news cycle, and Citizens United vs. FEC, our democratic process was still totally bananas!

thefedSpeaking of complicated machines, for bonus viewing don’t miss We the Economy, a collection of short films made by some of our favorite directors (including Werner Herzog!) and tackling a wide range of issues relating to money, power and political machinations in the USA. Each bite-sized movie is a great , easily digestible lesson that will surely give you some fuel the next time you get into a Facebook (or real life) argument with that one relative or high school friend. You know the one.

If politics on this planet have got you down, why not parse “foreign relations” on the intergalactic level with this video essay, published over on Keyframe by LJ Frezza, on the Star Trek universe’s rules of war:

We realize that this could cause a serious case of “the sads” because it makes you think of the late Anton Yelchin, but we may have a cure: a little ten-minute treat called Kiss Kiss Fingerbang. In Gillian Horvat’s very dark, kind of transgressive sex comedy, Yelchin plays a seemingly mild-mannered vet whose new girlfriend’s sexual preferences start to bring out a different side. We’d say more, but we really don’t want to ruin it for you.

With that, we’ll be back next week with more great movies and new to share. Until then, watch long and prosper!


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