Fandor is Now on an AndroidTV Near You!


1. Turn on Your TV 2. Download the App from the Google Play Store 3. Log In 4. Movies!

This is not a test: Fandor members can now search, queue, watch trailers and view fantastic films and hand-curated collections via AndroidTV and with NVIDIA SHIELD!
While we strive to live up to the penguin on our logo (and be your gracious hosts to the world of film), when it comes to devices we want to be more like the capybara:


Because we want to get along with everyone….

So it gives us great pleasure to announce that Fandor is now available on AndroidTV, the best new way to get the apps you love up on the big screen. All our members have to do to enjoy Fandor on their AndroidTV device is download the Fandor app from the Google Play store. Once you enter your login information, you’ll have access to your queue and viewing history as well as film pages with trailers and curated lists and collections from our movie-loving staff…and more! Whether you’re a “searcher” or more of a “browser”, the app will give you the tools to find and discover your next favorite movie.

We’re also happy to share that we’ve updated our Fandor mobile app with a new player, because we’re always working to make the viewing experience better for our members. They deserve it, and the films deserve it!

We hope you enjoy these new ways to watch, and we can’t wait to share the other ways we’ll be making Fandor available far and wide on your most in-demand devices very soon. For more on how the engineers at Fandor work to make the movies happen. Happy watching!




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