In Case You Missed It

icymi_sequinrazeRemember that feeling of excitement you got when your teacher would wheel in that media cart for “movie day”? Get ready to feel it all over again…

…Because just like that, summer is over and the school year has begun — well, unless you’re on the quarter system (you lucky ducks). But if you’re not enrolled, or your school “daze” are behind you, don’t feel left out. We’ve got plenty of cinematic back-to-school spirit to spare! It was none other than Quentin Tarantino, after all, who once said “I didn’t go to film school. I went to films.” Movies teach us a lot about the world, and about how to make movies.

So, with that in mind,  it seems only fitting to double down on education this week. We’re queuing up movies that highlight the classroom and its conditions around the world, explore the relationship between teachers and students, celebrate student films, and take a long look at the different ways we organize and think about transmitting our cultural knowledge. Let’s jump right in:


There are plenty of lessons about the perceptions and realities of our students, educators, administrators and policy-makers to be found in this movie list. Your choice of subjects? The secret (and not so secret) lives of teachers, the struggles of students to get the education they desire and deserve, the foibles of academia, and the classroom as a battlefield in the “culture wars”. Class is in session!

Did your teachers inspire you, or just inspire fear and frustration? Either way, the lesson is you won’t want to miss the deadline on our fast-expiring Criterion Picks, only available to our United States audiences until September 11. This curated collection features directors like Kurosawa, Ozu, Rossellini, and Malle taking on all kinds of teachers, from inspiring gurus to tough taskmasters. We wish we could give it all of our apples.

Spotlight: Film School

Before reaching that ascended auteur status, however, every filmmaker has to start somewhere. Quentin Tarantino quotes to the contrary, film school can often mark the start of many promising projects. Take this student film, Sequin Raze (which is also featured in this week’s main image): You’re looking at the prototype for the Bachelor behind-the-scenes send-up drama UnREAL. Find this provocative short, as well as many other in our Film School Spotlight. The future is bright!

Fandor edu

Speaking of film school, are you affiliated with a film school? Or any kind of school? That’s good news for you, because we’ve also got a very special offer for all of our students and teachers out there! With Fandor edu, you can get unlimited access to Fandor’s vast library of teachable cinema, from docs to schlock and everything in between, for a whopping half off the monthly subscription cost! That’s right, for less the price of a large latte (who needs those in school, right?) you can have thousands of top-notch movies at your fingertips. Whether they’re your core curriculum or your productive procrastination, they’re the ones you want to watch. Click here to redeem your discount right now.

Now, whether you’re a formal or informal student of movies (and we love you all equally), don’t ever forget about Keyframe! To satisfy your hunger for film knowledge, our online magazine updates daily with tons of articles, festival coverage, trailers, filmmaker interviews and video essays. Oh, video essays! Every once in awhile, an art form emerges in perfect synchronicity with its times. I mean, what better way to “teach to the text” of a film, so to speak, than with live, time-based examples from that film? That question is rhetorical, but if you’re inspired to answer it, we want to hear from you. We’ll leave you here until next week’s roundup, with a little lesson on Fassbender’s faces. Happy watching!



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