In Case You Missed It


Witch, please! Whether you want to scream with laughter or fear, we’ve got your “flick-or-treating” covered. You can watch alone, or with your boo!

This week, we’re full-tilt careening into Halloween season with not one, not two, but three scare-tastic Spotlights chock-full of films to satisfy a whole range of tastes. Think of it like your candy basket — a little something for everyone, whether you like gummy worms or chocolate bars, caramel apples or black licorice. Can you tell we’re excited about the holiday?

strandeddrivein_newsletterOur newest collection is called Stranded At The Drive-In, and it’s an homage to the golden years of campy creature features and B-movie madness. The deadly hubris of mad scientists, the sublime danger of untamed nature, and speculation about life on other planets all collide in this marvelous blacklagoon_deepmonster-movie mixtape. Look out! Whatever it is, it’s right behind you. Over on Keyframe, don’t miss Tope Ogundare‘s insightful musings on one of the most iconic, terrible, and pitiable creatures to emerge from this trope: the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

If you prefer being scared silly to just being silly, we also have plenty of movies to watch with the lights on and the doors locked! Check out our Spotlight on The Sin Within for tales of possession, psychosis, and unusual, unfortunate thirsts: It’s where you’ll find crazy, sexy, cool, and bloody morsels like Trouble Every DayGanja and HessBrain Damage, and many more. For stalkers, spirits, and other unwelcome visitors, our Spotlight on Stranger Danger has Evil Dead Trap, Night Train to Terrorand other suitably shudder-inducing delights.

bosdAre you more of a Samhain (SOW-in) person than a Halloween person? Don’t worry, because something witchy this way comes! In anticipation of The Love Witch, a forthcoming retro-cool chick-flick-with-a-twist, we put together a movie list full of sensual seductresses, evil sorceresses and real-life occultists that’s sure to bubble your cauldron. And what better way to honor the life’s work of cult filmmaker Ted V. Mikels, who passed away this week at the ripe old age of eighty-seven, than with the deliciously, spell-bindingly tawdry Blood Orgy of the She-Devils

faceAnd finally, there’s something to be said for movie set on Halloween, that night when the veil between this world and the next is most thin and permeable. Heck, a whole franchise is based on horrors that take place on this night! The Fandor library has a couple of titles (not starring Jamie Lee Curtis) that fit this bill nicely, including Molly’s Theory of Relativity, a fresh take on the “ghosts of the past” trope starring the luminous Sophia Takal, and Face, a brutal, faux found-footage battle of the sexes set on Fraternity Row.

With that, we’ll leave you until next week, signing off with Seances, the new project from Canadian power-trio Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, and Galen Johnson. Hosted online by the National Film Board of Canada, this unique online generator is pure magic: It will concoct a short film for you and then, after you watch it, destroy it forever. Happy conjuring, happy watching, and happy early Halloween!





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