In Case You Missed It


A hair-raising, spine-tingling, and neck-biting “halloweekend” guide. 

As we head into the weekend, we’re anticipating two things: a sugar coma, and giving ourselves a good scare. While Fandor can’t do much about the former, we’ve got the horror genre kind of sewn up! Over the past weeks we’ve scoured the dark corners of our library’s scariest sections, coming up with a heaping mess of terrifying, violent, deliciously death-filled cinema. Gorge on it while you can, before the warmer, fuzzier holidays take over your feeds and our thoughts turn to filling our bellies and our hearts!

taleoftwossitersWe’re kicking off the week with a collection of ghost stories, because there’s nothing quite like terror from beyond the grave. Why have natural when you can have supernatural, right? We love all the films on this list, but there’s a special place in our hearts for the mind-bending dysfunctional family scarefest A Tale of Two Sisters, reviewed thusly by one of our awesome members:

This 110 minute mind f**k of eerie suspense, shocks and horror takes its time to develop. Even after fifty minutes, I wasn’t sure what this was really ‘about’ (Ghosts? Madness? Dark family secrets? Revenge? Dreams?), but I didn’t care, because it was such well-told horror that draws your complete attention. Things aren’t explained or make any sense until the very end. Really enjoyed this and re-watched several scenes.

As it happens, A Tale of Two Sisters comes in at number thirty in Slant Magazine‘s recent article, “The 50 Greatest Horror Films of the 21st Century”. The number one title? Another ghost story: Pulse, by modern master of dread Kiyoshi Kurosawa.

Rob Zombie also gets some love on that list, much to the chagrin of some in the comments section. Fitting that this week over on Keyframe, José Sarmiento takes us inside “Zombie’s World”, poking at the guts of this unlikely auteur’s aesthetic:

Speaking of video essays, we’re digging Daniel Mcilwraith‘s supercut of terrified reaction shots, a technique essential to the success of many horror films:

lesvampiresWe’ll wrap up this last roundup of the month with the binge-worthy Les Vampiresa ten-part serial that is over 100 years old — seriously — but is nonetheless equal parts thrilling, gothic mystery and joyously cinematic story-telling. While there are no literal vampires to be found, there’s plenty of murder and mayhem! It’s immensely watchable and entertaining, and it clocks in at around eight hours so you can come back for multiple helpings. For extra credit, chase it all down with the French comedy Irma Vep, (an anagram of “vampire” and a reference to the titular femme fatale of Les Vampires) which takes place on the set of an unwise and rather doomed contemporary remake. Happy watching, and stay safe out there in your masks and makeup!

By the way, if you simply must have actual vampires, and no other tricks or treats will do, well, we have you covered there, too.  This movie list emphasizes the “vamp” in vampire, featuring adults-only films that really nail that whole sex-and-death thing that vampire flicks do so well. No sparkle-teens here! Enjoy responsibly.


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